5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive Pokie Main Game Screen

5 Reel Drive General Information:

There are a lot of things that you shouldn't do while driving. Drinking, obviously, watching movies, sure, but what about gambling? 5 Reel Drive is a pokie game which deals the idea of trucks, gambling, racing, escaping the police and eating diner food, though not all at the same time. Exciting stuff, and great fun. At least provided that you aren't one being chased by the police. How does this fit together with a pokie game? Keep reading our review to find out!

The 5 Reel Drive pokie game runs on the Microgaming software system. One of the most popular and prolific creators of online pokies, Microgaming has been in the business for over a decade, and have now taken their experience and applied it to a 5 Reel Drive themed game.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.

 5 Reel Drive Pokie Main Game Screen

5 Reel Drive comes with a total of 9 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout. In this game the player can choose the amount of paylines they wish to be active, from 1 to a maximum of 9.

  • The minimum coins bet sits at 1
  • The maximum coins bet sits at 1
  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.25
  • Maximum coins size sits at 2
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.95%, on the higher end of average.


A rare game this one, in that it does not seem to offer much in the way of options, perhaps owing to it being an older offering.

Sound Settings

The only option here is these ability to mute all noise generated from the game, which can also be achieved by simply clicking the sound icon at the top right of the main game page.

Clicking on the expert button towards the left of the toolbar brings up a display which allows the player to change their coin size and the total amount of coins bet.

The autoplay function in this game is better than you might expect, given how lacking some of the other more common options are. To access the autoplay function the player needs only to click on the autoplay button on the expert version of the main game page. From here the player can change two spin settings and 6 spin stop settings.

The first section here, the Spin Settings section, allows the player to set the amount of spins that they wish to play and the amount of second to wait between spins.

In the Spin Stop Settings section the player can choose to stop the autospins in the following circumstances:

  • When all spins are complete
  • When the highest payout is won
  • If credits won on a single spin meet or exceed and entered amount
  • When any win is gained
  • When total credits increased by an entered amount
  • If total credits decrease by an entered amount.


5 Reel Drive also comes with a help section in the form of a view payouts buttons. The view pays buttons gives a detailed listing of individual symbol, bonus values and game rules, while the question-mark offers general information on rules.


The exact theme here is simple to understand, and is one which makes some sense. Roadstop pokies for drivers have been a big thing for generations now, so it would only be a matter of time before somebody decided to turn the idea into a video pokie. Heck, this is probably not even the first.

What does this mean in terms of way the game looks? It means that this sticks to a rather simple design which is clean, fast and efficient. There is no clutter here, it's just a game which players can into and go.

Whether the background of such a game appeals to you personally really depends on the appreciation you have for the on-the-road lifestyle. As someone who has spend a lot of time on the road I can say it works pretty well. Even as stylised and cartoonish as this is, I can't help but feel some nostalgia.

Other Features and Bonuses

5 Reel Drive Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this game comes in the form of a road-sign with WILD written across the front.

This can substitute for any icon except the scatter.

5 Reel Drive Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in 5 Reel Drive come in form of a police car.

At maximum bet the payouts are as follows:

  • 3 scatter icons give a bonus of 5 credits
  • 4 scatter icons give a bonus of 20 credits
  • 5 scatter icons give a bonus of 50 credits

This will then be multiplied by the amount of coins which were bet in the round where the scatters appeared. These do not have to appear on an active payline in order to payout.

BONUS GAMES and features

A very simple game – 5 Reel Drive comes with no special bonuses other than what is offered by the wild and scatter symbols.

How to Play:

For the simplest possible experience the player need only choose their bet and click the spin button. Further customisation of their bet can be accessed by the user clicking on the expert button and changing their coins bet and the amount of active paylines.

For autoplay and more advanced options the play can click on the autoplay button, this allows the player to select an autospin amount, 5x, 10x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, or until manually stopped, or click customise to further change their options.

In the custom screen the player can enter their own amount of spins and set end rules, these rules are either once the spins are complete, when the highest payout has been won, if credits won on a spin meet or exceed an entered amount, on any win, or if total credits increase or decrease by an entered amount.

Overall Design and Usability:

One of the older designs by Microgaming, and one of the simplest in terms of design. Basic but bold colours, icons and layout help establish this as what might be best as a beginners entry in pokie games. There is nothing really amazing to speak of here, with the design looking positively outdated in many ways. That is not to say that the design makes it unplayable, as those who place importance on simplicity might find this very enjoyable.

When it comes to usability, this too is informed by the simple design. Everything here is very quick to respond, with there being no real areas in which this game is outright bad. There is an issue regarding the lack of a formal options screen, but this is not strictly needed. Audio can still be toggled from the main game page, graphics are too simple to require a low quality performance mode, and the autoplay options are actually better than a lot of what Microgaming offers with its most recent games, for some reason. One of the better games on older devices, that much is for sure.

Where to find it:

Microgaming is one of the most popular gambling software systems available, and is the main software used by a great many websites. If you already have a favourite gambling website then do a quick search, it might already be on offer. If it is not, or you would prefer a direct link then check out some of  the links below.


As outdated and simple as this game is – I can't really bring myself to hate on it. This is a game which sets out to be basic, to be simple, and in that it completely succeeds. While I can't really recommend this pokie to players who want a good looking game, bonus features, or an especially customisable pokie, I can recommend it to new players and those who place importance in simplicity. Longtime or old-school drivers might also find it fun just in the way of nostalgia, but I can't imagine that this would hold anyone's attention for too long.

3.3/5 Stars

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