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AC (Always Cool) Casino was established by Operia Corp Limited Casinos in 2008, and comes with a focus on pokies and table games. AC Casino is one of the casinos concerned mainly with the use of Bitcoin as a form of currency. Will it fall into the trap which these websites commonly fall into, or will it rise above the standard? Keep reading to find out…

AC Casino uses both the Betsoft and Bee Games software system for all of its gaming needs.

Use of AC Casino is restricted in the United Kingdom.

This casino holds its license with Costa Rica.


The owners of this Casino, Operia Corp Limited Casinos, own a total of three online casinos which are currently in operation. These include Always Cool Casino, Pamper Casino and Moneystorm Casino.


AC Casino is a casino that operates entirely from the webpage version. This is accessible after a user has signed up through the registration process. This can also be accessed through mobile devices.

  • see Forms of Deposit

AC Casino accepts the following forms of deposit: Bitcoin, Entropay, MasterCard, Money Order, Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Visa Electron.

AC Casino offers its service in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. GAMES COVERED

Most of the games on this casino, as is often the case, come as pokies. Aside from this, Always Cool Casino also offers a variety of table games which cover most of the basics which users have come to expect. This includes roulette, craps, poker, baccarat and blackjack.

AC Casino Main Game Page

The main AC Casino games page.

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There is no live games section available from AC Casino.


AC Casino comes with a live-chat service. While it was supposed to be online at the time that this review was written we could not get it open, over multiple browsers and multiple devices. It also comes with an email address for general enquiries, which can also be used via a form on their support page.

In terms of a help section AC Casino covers some of the basics. This isn't a large section, with the only help coming under withdrawals, bonuses, login problems, game issues and new players FAQ.

There does not appear to be anything on this website in the way of a problem gambling section.

AC Casino Design and Usability

The design of AC Casino does it's job well enough, though I would hesitate to call it always cool. The general colour scheme used involves blacks, greys and golds, with heavy use of moving frames. Some of the graphics here are a little bit outdated, and the constantly moving frames are quite distracting. Generally I would call this design serviceable, and certainly above what many BitCoin orientated casinos manage.

In terms of usability this is a site which has both ups and downs. When the site works it works well, with links responding quickly and pages loading near instantly. When it doesn't work, as happened to us with one of the support sections, you end up with a blank page and nothing to do. While it is possible this was a one time thing such timing is unlikely. Judging by the look of the website it might just be in need of a bit of modernisation.


There is no official phone app available from AC Casino. It is, however, designed to run on most mobile devices – simply visit the website from a mobile device to be forwarded to a mobile version of the website. While there are a few games which will be unavailable on mobile devices, most will run perfectly fine.

  • Compatible Systems

Mobile devices capable of running HTML5 should work with this site just fine. Specifically this means somewhere in the area of:

  • Apple iOS 7.0.X and above
  • Android 3.X and above
  • Windows Phone 7 and above
  • Blackberry OS 10 and above.

It might also run on some devices older than the ones listed, though generally this is not recommended.


Registration for this website is done in a single part, which is the single page form below. This form is accessed from the register button from the main website. This is much more detailed than many of the register pages from BitCoin casinos. This is probably due to the casino only adopting cryptocurrencies later in its life, which might be a bit of a turn off for those users who place great importance on anonymity.

AC Casino Signup 1

  • Withdrawal methods and times

AC Casino offers the following forms of withdrawal: Bitcoin, Entropay, MasterCard, Money Order, Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Visa Electron.

The fastest of these methods are through E-Wallets, with withdrawal time being around 24-48 hours. with credit and debit cards taking around 3-7 days and bank transfers taking up to 3 days. These are all on top of a 0-72 hour pending time. There is no withdrawal limit for AC Casino unless a bonus is used, in which case the withdrawal limit is 2000 USD.

The wagering requirements of AC Casino sits at 50x on pokies, which is higher than average


At the time of writing there are three active promotions from AC Casino, which are tied together with the signup bonus, these are as follows:


See below.


2222% Slot Bonus

For this promotion they advertise a slots bonus when a deposit is made from $20 – $200. What this means is a huge amount amount of bonus cash which is given to deposits made with this coupon code. Note that this bonus cash only works on pokies.

555% Video Poker Bonus

For this promotion they advertise a video Poker bonus on all deposits of $20 – $300. What this means is a huge amount amount of bonus cash which is given to deposits made with this coupon code. Note that this bonus cash only works on video poker.

400% Blackjack Bonus

I think you see where this is going. For this promotion they advertise a blackjack bonus on all deposits of $20 – $500. This means is a huge amount amount of bonus cash which is given to deposits made with this coupon code. Note that this bonus cash only works on blackjack games.

Our Experience and General Reviews

My experience with this website has been a largely positive one, with some minor problems. Chief among these is the advertising banner which flicks constantly across the main screen. I personally find this type of advertisement especially attention grabbing and annoying. While it was no doubt created to grab people's attention the annoying part really ruins the affect.

General reviews of AC Casino rate it medium to high. Most review sites place it around the 3-4 star range.


In terms of games on offer by this casino it sits somewhere towards the lower end of the pack, at least compared to most online casinos. If we measure it against casinos which allow BitCoin it comes out a bit more favourably, as these typically do not offer a great selection.

The wagering requirements for the site are a bit on the high side. This can be annoying when trying to meet that goal and cash out.

The bonuses from this casino work well enough. I am a big fan of how they allow the user to customise in what type of game they choose to gain their bonus. On the other hand this might have worked just as well with a bonus which covered multiple games at once.

When it comes to the help and support sections this is again an area where AC Casino suffers a bit. It should be noted again that if we compare it to other BitCoin orientated casinos rather than all online casinos it does a lot better.


General consensus on AC Casino is that it is fairly average, while some praise it for its adoption of BitCoin.

Popular gaming ranking site has it at 5.5/10, with rating it at 6.6/10, giving it a 2.5/5 and giving it a 4/5.


A bit of a letdown here when it comes to social media presence, though at least they exist. Here they have only a small Facebook page with around 400 followers. This was last updated around 5 months prior to the writing of this review, which isn't great.

AC Casino does not appear to have a Twitter page, which is odd because that is where all the cool people are. It could be that Always Cool Casino are too cool even for that.

AC Casino Facebook


Among the BitCoin accepting casinos this website does alright, but among the rest it doesn't hold up quite so well. The selection here covers most of the bases, and does fairly well in terms of pokies, though it's overall coverage is hampered by it not utilising more prolific software systems. The other sections of this site can be a bit hit or miss though, again, for a site accepting BitCoin they do slightly better than average. If the selection issues with this site don't bother you then I can recommend this site, otherwise you might be better off looking at one of the bigger boys in the business.

3.3/5 stars

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