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Aliens Basic Information:

The Alien franchise has been massively popular ever since the first film. With a focus on the terrifying unknown and the designs of the supremely talented H.R. Giger, this series has been a mainstay since the late 70's, with this game released in late 2014. The namesake of this game, Aliens, was the second film in the franchise.

This pokie operates under the use of the NetEnt gambling software system. The talented programmers and designers from NetEnt are well known for going the extra mile in their creations, and Aliens is no exception.

The NetEnt system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from NetEnt.

Aliens Game Main Screen

Aliens comes with a total of 15 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout.

  • The minimum coins bet sits at 15
  • The maximum coins bet sits at 150
  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.01
  • Maximum coins size sits at 1.0
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at just over 96%, at or slightly higher than average.

This game runs an usual 3 level system, which is detailed in the other bonuses and features and how to play sections below.


By clicking on the spanner icon towards the lower left of the game screen the player can access the options menu.

  • General options

These give the player two separate options. The first is quickspins, which speeds up the spinning speed of the reels. The second is the ability to turn off the intro screen which begins when you start the game,

  • Animations

The only option here allows the player to skip the animated intro scene.

  • Audio

This allows the user to turn off ambient sound and sound effects. The main game page also has a slider to change the general volume.

  • Graphics Quality

This comes with three different setting, High, Medium and Low. The highest setting is very impressive but this is a very resource intensive game, so those on less powerful systems should probably stick with medium or low settings.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

This comes with the single option which allows the spacebar to spin  the reels.

Additional options can be accessed by clicking on the autoplay button. The basic options here allow the play to select from 10, 25, 50 ,75, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 autospins.

The player can also click on the advanced settings button to further customise when their autoplay will end. There are four different stopping scenarios to choose from here:

  • On any win
  • When a single win exceeds an entered amount
  • If cash increases by an entered amount
  • If cash decreases by an entered amount

Other Helpful Additions

Aliens also comes with question-mark and i help icons. Both of these detail much the same thing, basic game and winning information, but the i button does this within the game and the question-mark opens a secondary text page.


The original Alien film, from where all other Alien media was derived, was the brain-child of Dan O'Bannon. O'Bannon was an American director, screenwriter and visual effects supervisor who wished to create what he considered a realistic looking alien. He gained this desire after some early work on a John Carpenter film where the alien was created by spray painting a beach ball.

After the completion of this film, titled Dark Star, some of the staff got together with O'Bannon, impressed by what he brought to the table, and attempted to create a new project together. After including a number of other talented people, including H.R Giger and artist Jean Giraud, the group eventually started on what would become Alien.

The plot revolved around a commercial spacecraft picking up a transmission from deep space and investing the source. On the way one of the crew is infected by the iconic face-huggers and is then brought back on board. Unknown to the crew, this has impregnated the crewman with an alien which gestates within, eventually bursting out through his chest, killing him in the process.

Over the rest of the film this Alien continues to grow, learning and killing the crew of the ship. At the end of the story only two of the crew remain alive, with the titular Alien being blasted off into space.

Other Features and Bonuses

Aliens Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Aliens comes in the form of a Weyland-Yutani Corp logo, and can only appear on reels 2-5 in in Level 1, and randomly in level 2. These can substitute for all other symbols.

In level 1 the wild symbol only generates a payout for the highest possible combination.

This game features a three level system, which is split up into Level 1: The Search, Level 2: The Encounter and Level 3: The Hive.

How to Play:

Basic play for Aliens is as simple as a player selecting a coin value and level and clicking spin. Clicking the autospin button allows the player to go through a selection of different amounts of autospins From here the user can also click on the advanced settings button in order to manually select different stopping scenarios. These include on any win, if a single win exceeds an entered amount, or if cash increased or decreases by an entered amount.

The real meat of the game comes from the level system. This is separated into levels one, two and three.

Level One

On the first level the player must gain 10 ‘steps' to advance to level 2. This is done by consistently matching symbols. When 3 or more symbols are matched they are given a multiplier, starting with 2x, and are added to the alien activity meter at the top of the game. The best way to explain this is by example.

If the player managed to get three facehugger icons on a single spin then there would be three facehugger icons added to the alien activity bar. The first of these would be labelled with a 2x multiplier, the third a 3x, and the forth a 4x multiplier. Following this the reels would spin again. If the next spins were again facehuggers then these would also be added with the multiplier continuing to grow. If they were of another type then the multiplier would still continue. For each spin where nothing is won the alien activity bar removes the leftmost entry on the bar and decreases all of the gained multipliers by one while also resetting the multiplier for new combinations.

In the event that 2 or more different symbols are awarded from a single spin they will be added to alien activity bar first by the lowest symbol level. Once a total of 10 steps are gained on the alien activity bar level 2 begins.

Level 2

Level two has a maximum of 10 rounds. These rounds carry over the steps which enables the round to begin. In other words, the combination of steps which got the player to the round are kept up the top of the page and are used for each step in level 2. Each of the different icons here can only appear once, the remaining icons are removed and placed with random x1 multiplier icons.

Each step takes one of the entries from the alien activity bar, starting from the left, and places those wins on the reels. The remaining reels which were not winners, if there are some of these, then spin, creating further combinations. The greater the value of these spins, which is naturally aided by higher multipliers, the higher the chances of success.

This level is displayed as a first-person shot of a marine working their way down a corridor. For each step the marine will continue and then stop. This is followed by the reels spinning. Once this spin is completed a secondary reel will roll, which can give the marine ammunition for their gun. The better the score the more likely the marine is of gaining extra ammo. In the event that the marine runs out of ammo they will be killed by an alien and restart on level 1. If, however, they manage to make it through all ten rounds then they continue to Level 3.

Level 3

This is the most difficult level to reach in Aliens. The objective in this level is to destroy the hive before all ammo runs out.

During this level the marine starts with a Smartgun, an ammo clip counter, a hive health meter, and 2 reels. These are the grenade multiplier reel and the grenade strength reel. The marine starts with 4 ammo clips, which means a maximum of 5 total spins.

In Level 3 the round starts with the reels spinning, which designates the grenade's strength. A great roll here can kill the hive in a single shot.  After the grenade throw the marine takes a shot to keep themselves clear of aliens. This continues on until either the hive is dead or the marine runs out of ammo, in which case they are killed and the game begins again at Level 1.

The payouts for this level depend on the grenade multiplier and the bet places when this round was reached. Killing the Queen gives a 240x multiplier on the current bet.

Confused? Don't worry, it's a lot easier to play than it is to explain. You can even click here for a link to a free version of the game to try things out for yourself!

Overall Design and Usability:

There can be no denying the quality on offer here by NetEnt. One of the best looking pokies available, designed with clear inspiration and respect for Aliens and the franchise in general. All of the graphics are professionally designed, and the 3d intro and levels system are above and beyond.

In terms of usability Aliens is just what you would expect. The options are all clearly labelled and simple to navigate, and the graphics settings allow those with less powerful devices to get in on the action. That said, this is a very resource intensive game, even at the lowest settings, so your mileage may vary.

Where to find it:

NetEnt games stand with Microgaming as some of the most popular available. If you already have a favourite gambling website then check out if they offer NetEnt games, if they do then you might be able to find Aliens there. If it is not available, or if you want a more direct list then check out the links below.


A great game for anyone, not just fans of Aliens. If you love well designed games which look fantastic and offer something unique then check out Aliens. There might be some problems for those on mobile or less powerful systems, so be sure to lower the graphics if you experience hangups or other performance issues.

4.7/5 Stars

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