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King Arthur didn’t play a lot of slot games, at least not according to the mythological record, but if he did he might well be interested in the likes of Avalon.

Created by the talented folks responsible for the Microgaming gaming software, one of the most popular and powerful gambling software systems ever developed, Avalon is well known pokie game which released in early 2006. Not quite as old as the Arthurian legend from which it takes its name, but it certainly no spring chicken. Despite its age this is still a well performing game which obvious thought given to its theme and namesake.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.


Avalon offers a grand total of 20 paylines, available over a total of 5 reels. This game has a minimum coins per line limit of 1 with a minimum coin size of 0.01. The maximum amount of coins per line sits at 10 while the maximum coin size sits at 0.5. The maximum jackpot on offer is 800, while the RTP reaches 96.01%.

In terms of options Avalon gives the players a quickspin option as well as the ability to mute off all sounds generated by the game.

Avalon comes with an expert button, this is the button needed to activate the quickspin or auto-play features that might come off as slightly confusing for the novice pokie player.

Also offered on the game itself is help button which, when clicked, leads the user to a help page which answers any basic questions that a player might have about the game and how it operates.

The possible payouts for Avalon can be reached through the View Payout button which details a list of the different icons and the payouts for each of the individual cards, as well as the rules for payouts.


Avalon is a big part of the legend of King Arthur. Specifically it is an island which holds two important places within the story. The first, and more well known, is its location as the place where the legendary sword of Excalibur was forged, or given to Arthur. This was the blade associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain which has been thought to contain magical powers. This is often confused with the Sword in the Stone, but in most versions of the story these are different weapons. In simple terms it was the Sword in the Stone that proved Arthur’s true lineage, where Excalibur was the sword that represented the right of Great Britain to exist as its own nation.

The greater tale of King Arthur starts after Britain has been invaded and conquered, with its rightful king deposed. During this time there was a legend about a man who rise up to take back Britain, and this man would be known for his ability to pull a legendary sword from a presumably less legendary stone. Many attempted this feat and all failed until, one day, a young unknown man came up and effortlessly succeeded where so many others has failed. Thus Arthur becomes the new king, no doubt prompting those who attempted the pull before him to brag that they had loosened it.

Together with the wizard Merlin and his newly recruited Knights of the Round Table, Arthur sets out to build his castle of Camelot and rid Britain of the invading menace. While he succeeds in this, Arthur later falls after his most trusted knight, Lancelot, falls in love with his Wife, Guinevere.

The end of Arthurs life is disputed, with some saying he died shortly after going to war with Lancelot, and others claiming he simply waited for another time to re-reunite Great Britain.

One thing is constant throughout this legend, this is the mystical power of Avalon, and the beings contained therein.

Other Features and Bonuses

Avalon has no sort of progressive jackpot system but the high RTP can help alleviate this issue.

Avalon’s wild comes in the form of an icon representing the castle of Camelot. 2 of these on a line are worth 10 credits, where 3 are worth 150, 4 are worth 1000 and 5 are worth a total of 3000 credits. These create their own combination when on the same payline but cannot be substituted for the Lady of the Lake scatter symbol.

This Lady of the Lake scatter symbol represents the mystical entity which, in some versions of the story, lived on Avalon and gifted Arthur Excalibur. The scatter symbol does not need to appear on an enabled payline in order for the bonus payout multiplier to be applied. When a win is achieved with the scatter symbol active it acts as a multiplier which is displayed as a multiplier value on the payout table. The total payout from the scatter icon depends on the total bet wagered. 2 scatter symbols activate a 2x multiplier where 3 symbols activate a 4x multiplier,4 activate a 20x multiplier and 5 activate a massive 200x multiplier. When 3, 4 or 5 of these scatter symbols appear on a single spin the free-spin bonus game is activated.

In the free spins bonus game the amount bet is taken from the total quantity which was bet during the round in which the bonus spin game was activated. During this game additional free spins can be gained if the player is able to gain another 3 or more scatter symbols in a single spin. The maximum amount of free spins which can gained in a single spin is 12. In this free spin the Chest symbol accounts for another wild symbol, which can combined with the other Camelot wild symbol. During these wild combinations only one payout can be achieved at a time, this payout will be the highest possible of all the combinations that the player has achieved during that spin.

The gamble feature of this game is enabled after a win, though this is not available if your win exceeds the gamble activation limit, a limit which does appear to be listed. When a regular win occurs the player can choose to either play or skip over the gamble feature. If they choose to play then the player is given two different modes of multiplying their winnings. They can choose a card color, with a correct guess doubling their winnings, or they can choose a suit, with a correct guess quadrupling their winnings. During this gamble feature all winnings are collected automatically.

How to Play:

This is a fairly simple game to figure out and play. First the user must select the number of paylines that they want to play, then they place the amount which they want to bet, and the size of the coin which they bet.

When a winning combination comes about the game will automatically highlight this on the reels and the total payout amount will be displayed in the win box, if there is no winning combination then you the game kicks straight back to its base state for the player to start again.

If the expert mode is selected then the player is given the opportunity to auto-spin 5 or 10 times, or to enter the auto-play option in order to further define their auto-spin parameters. Here they can set their own custom quantity of spins and set the game to stop spinning either after these are complete or a certain amount of winnings have been met or exceeded.

 Overall Design and Usability:

Another game which takes it theme seriously, and which does a great job representing various parts of the Arthurian legend. Relevant symbols include crowns, crests, jewels and treasure chests (what is a king without wealth?) as well the wild symbol of Camelot and the Scatter symbol of the Lady of the Lake. These all fit well and are well designed, with even the standard K, Q, J and A symbols being slightly modified to fit the theme. There is no Excalibur to speak of, but that might be because we are simply not worthy.

The layout of the game is straightforward and should be quickly understandable for anyone with experience with older Microgaming pokies, the buttons are large and the game responsive. The game being over a decade old at this point does show, to some extent, but this isn’t entirely a bad thing, as the age means the requirements and loading time is below what you might expect from a more modern offering.

Where to find it:

As is common with websites that utilize the Microgaming software platform, Avalon is available on a great many sites. If the site or sites you use employ the use of this software system then do a quick search, it could very well already be on offer.

If you want a more specific list then you can check out some of the following sites:


A fun game which, while showing its age, still holds up very well. Simple and colorful while also being responsive and reliable. This game, like the legend of King Arthur, has stood the test of time.

4.3/5 Stars

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