Baccarat General Information

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a popular card game in casinos, both online and in person. In this game the player must compare the cards between two hands. These are the hands of the player and the hands of the banker. There are three possible outcomes to a game of baccarat, a player win, a banker win or a tie.

The game is similar to blackjack in that it revolves around a single number. In baccarat this number is 9.

In this game king, queen, jack and 10 are all worth a total of 0 points, whereas an ace counts as 1 point. All other cards are worth their face value.

There are three main version of baccarat that are played, these are the most popular version of North American as well as Chemmy and Banque.

A standard baccarat table and palette

A standard baccarat table and palette.

Basic Rules for North American Baccarat

Before any cards are dealt in baccarat the player has the option to vote on one of the three outcomes. Again, these are player win, banker win, or draw.

Once these bets are placed the game begins. During this first section the player and banker are both dealt two cards face down. The order these cards are dealt in is player, banker, player, banker, or one card each in a counter-clockwise direction. Once all the players have their cards the player who placed the highest bet flips all of the cards.

When this is completed the scores are totalled. The total score of a hand is the single digit of their total score, if their score goes over ten. For example if a player was dealt a 8 and a 5, creating a total of 13, then we would take the single digit of 3. This 3 would be used as their score.

Now comes determining whether a player gets an extra card. This is determined by checking the total amount of points that both the player and banker have.

If the player has a total of 6,7,8 or 9 points then they stick with their two cards. If, however, the banker does not have and 8 or 9, and player has a total score in the range of 0-5 then they draw another card. They  do not draw another card if they have a score of 0-5 and the  banker has a score of either an 8 or 9, as the banker wins in this situation.

If the player stands with the cards which they have and the banker has a total of 0-5 then the banker must draw again, after which regular scores are tallied.

Dealer Drawing Rules on Player's Third Card

This is where things get a little more tricky. The rules for when the dealer will draw if the player has drawn a third card needs to take the players points into account.

  • If the third card drawn by the player was a 2 or a 3 then then the banker will draw if they have 0-4 and will stand with a score of 5-7.
  • If the third card drawn by the player was a 9, a 10 or a face card then then the banker will draw if they have 0-3 and will stand with a score of 4-7.
  • When the third card drawn by the player was an 8 then then the banker will draw if they have 0-2 and will stand with a score of 3-7.
  • If the third card drawn by the player was a 6 or a 7 then then the banker will draw if they have 0-6 and will stand with a score of 7.
  • If the third card drawn by the player was a 4 or a 5 then then the banker will draw if they have 0-5 and will stand with a score of 6-7.

Once all this is complete the winning hand will be that which is closer to a 9.

The good thing is that the player doesn't have to memorise this. The most popular version is automatic.

Important Baccarat Information

When a casino offers the less common variants they often hand out cards. These cards can be used to check the rules for the dealer for your reference.

House edge for baccarat run at 1.06% for the low end to 14.36% on the high end.

The History of Baccarat

Unlike many modern forms of gambling we actually know where baccarat started. The game was created by Italian Falguierein. It was he who named the game baccarat. This is because the Italian word for baccarat is zero, which he related to the value of the face-cards.

This game was originally quite different from the form we know today. Originally the game had four dealers and each player could be the banker, Players could also originally bet against each-other.

Like many games, baccarat existed for many years before it became popular. It was around the 1900's that baccarat became popular with French royalty. This is also said to be one of the reasons that baccarat is often a game for high-rollers.

Since the popularisation of western casinos, baccarat has consolidated its place among the most popular games on offer. Recent developments in online gambling have only helped this popularity grow.

Common Terminology

  • Baccarat

Aside from being the name of the game this also stands for the worst possible hand of 0.

  • Banco

Another term for the banker.

  • Burning

A common practise in baccarat. For this action the top 3-6 cards from a deck are discarded before play begins.

  • Caller

This refers to the person at the table who deals the cards. Also called the croupier.

  • Coup

A game of baccarat which is made of both a player  and a banker hand.

  • Dealing Shoe

    This is the container which holds the cards which are dealt to the players.

  • Ladderman

The employee of the casino whose duty it is to supervise the baccarat table.

  • La Grande

A natural with a score of nine. This is the best possible hand in baccarat.

  • La Petite

A natural with a score of eight. The second best hand in baccarat.

  • Mini Baccarat

    A version of baccarat where the dealer is responsible for all of the cards, rather than the players. These tend to be common tables in casinos, with the larger tables being reserved for high rollers.

  • Muck

The term for the 8 decks of cards that are traditionally used in a game of baccarat.

  • Natural

This refers to a hand which has been dealt on the first two card draw which has a total score of 8 or 9.

  • Palette

The term given to the wooden stick which croupiers use in order to move cards around the table.

  • Punto Banco

Another term for North American baccarat, which is the most common form which is played in casinos. Literally translates to player banker.

  • Table of Play

This refers to the set of rules which determines when a third card is dealt to either the player or the banker.

  • Tie

The outcome of baccarat with the highest paying outcome. It also has the highest house advantage of 14.36%.

  • Vigorish

This the small commission which the banker takes if they have won. Usually sits at 5%.

Where to Play Baccarat

As baccarat is such a popular game it is often offered by online gambling sites. If you already have a favourite site then take a look around, you might find some baccarat games that are already on offer. If you want a list of just a few of the websites that offer this game then check below.



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