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Playing pokies and hunting mythological beasts, some say they're two sides of the same coin. These people should be avoided, as the two things share very little in common. Even so – here we Beowulf. Is this a pokie worthy of the legend, or is this a simple attempt to cash in on classic mythology? Keep reading our review to find out…

This pokie was created by the developers at Quickspin. This team is one of the newer groups to enter the online gambling game, having been formed in May of 2011. Since then Quickspin have made great strides in the online gambling market, earning many awards from their creations. While they commonly use preexisting properties for their themes this is not always the case, as they all offer a great selection of their own unique creations.   This game was released on the 25th of June, 2013.

The Quickspin system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from Quickspin.

Beowulf Main Game Screen

Beowulf comes with a total of 100 paylines over 5 reels in a 5×4(3) formation

  • The minimum coins bet are 30
  • The maximum coins bet are 6,000
  • Minimum coin size is static.
  • Maximum coins size is static.
  • The return to player offered by this game is 97.21%, which is higher than average.


Beowulf is a game built around simplicity, and because of this the game has a notable lack of options. To access the main options screen the player needs only click on the small gear icon which is located to the lower left of the main game screen. This opens a small tab with the following two options:

  • Use SPACE for spin

This option simple adds the spacebar to possible ways to start the spinning of the reels.

  • Show Splash Screen on startup

This option toggles whether or not the startup screen will appear the next time that a user enters the game.

Also on offer from Beowulf is the autoplay function. This is accessed by clicking the autoplay button on the lower right of the playbar.  The tab then then appears gives the player to simply choose from a list of rounds to autoplay.


Beowulf is an important part of classic history, standing as one of the longest surviving poems in the Old English language. This age, and its influence on classic literature as a whole mark it as one of the more important works in the entire classical catalogue.

Set in Scandinavia, the hero Beowulf comes to aid of the King of Danes. This king has seen some trouble in making his drinking hall monster free, and thus employs Beowulf in the extermination effort. Succeeding in killing this monster, the frightening Grendel, Beowulf is forced to also put down the creature's mother.

Following this battle, Beowulf returns home where he is made king. Like most kings Beowulf has a major hate-on for dragons, and eventually goes on to fight one which is causing problems for his kingdom. He does well, given that he fighting a dragon, killing it but getting mortally wounded in the process.

Following his death, Beowulf is cremated and a tower is erected in his honor.

Other Features and Bonuses

Beowulf Main Grendel

The Grendel attack feature can occur randomly in the main game. When this is activated the player is awarded a random number of wild symbols which will lock to the reels for a set number of respins. The number of respins which occur are equal to the quantity of Grendel symbols which appear on reel 5.

Beowulf Main Locked Wild

The above locked wild is the type generated by the Grendel attack feature. This will remain on the reels until the respins are complete. At can substitute for any symbol except the free spin scatter symbol and regular wild symbol.

Beowulf Main Wild

The regular wild symbol in Beowulf comes in the form of a drinking horn. This can substitute for any symbol except the free spin scatter, sword bonus symbol and the dragon bonus symbol.

Beowulf Main Free Spins

The free spins scatter bonus symbol in Beowulf comes in the form of a dragon guarding a sword and shield. Gaining at least 3 of these in a single spin gives the player access to the free spins bonus game. These also act as bet multipliers in the following quantities:

  • 3 scatters pay 3x bet when gathered
  • 4 scatters pay 10x bet when gathered
  • 5 scatters pay 20x bet when gathered


Bonus Games

The free spins bonus game in Beowulf is accessed when the player gains at least 3 scatter symbols in a single spin. Following this, the player will be brought to a fight scene between Beowulf and a dragon. In this scene both the dragon and Beowulf are given health bars. Beowulf Main Sword Wild

Reels will spin in this bonus game to determine exactly how many additional spins the player will gain. When the above sword wild symbol appears it will remain, held in position until it is removed by a dragon symbol or the free spins end. This symbol substitutes for all other except the dragon wild and the scatter.

Beowulf Main Dragon Wild

When the above dragon wild symbol appears a single sword wild will be removed, if there are any on the reels. The sword symbol will expand to cover the whole reel on which it appears, and then is removed for the following respins. If more than 1 sword symbols are held on the reels then the sword symbol removed will be the first on that appeared. This dragon symbol can substitute for all other symbols except the sword wild and the scatter.

For each sword symbol that appears 1 health bar is removed from the dragon. For each dragon symbol that appears 1 health bar is removed from Beowulf. The free spins dragon bonus will end when one of the health bars is empty. 3 additional free spins will be won if Beowulf wins the fight.

How to Play:

Basic play for Beowulf is as simple as a player selecting a betting amount and clicking spin.

Overall Design and Usability:

If you stick to the Beowulf theme the look and design of a pokie is always going to go a certain way. This is toward the cold and the old, with the frozen background of the game meshing perfectly with the fierce and barbarous looking Beowulf himself. The people over at Quickspin have done a great job here, as all of the symbols and animations of this pokie fit perfectly with the classical poem. It's so well done, in fact, that player's do not have to be fans of the classic to enjoy the look of this game, just think of it as a warrior in the snow. Great work here.

When it comes to usability, Beowulf performs well, though it could do with a few enhancements. The game itself appeared fully reliable during our tests, and we saw no problems at all when it came to the speed and response of the game. The only real issue here comes from the lack of options. Both in terms of graphical options and autoplay options this game is quite behind the times. While not a deal-breaker for everyone, it does mean that fans of autoplay or those on older or less powerful devices might have issues enjoying the game.

Where to find it:

Quickspin may not be as common as the big boys in the business, but they still do very well. Check out the following links for website reviews which offer games from the Quickspin framework. From here you can decide which casino works for you, and you can jump right in!


An interesting concept for a pokie, and one which works pretty well. This is a game which looks good, plays well and comes with a solid, if standard, bonus structure. The issues in this game come down to usability. If you are on an older or less powerful device, or are the type of player who relies on autoplay options, then this game will be lacking for you. If these issues don't bother you, however, then we can happily recommend this game. Just don't go in expecting it to hold your attention for too long.

3.8/5 Stars

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