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BetSpawn Casino was established by Carambit Entertainment B.V in 2016 and comes with a focus entirely on and esports betting. This is an area of rapidly growing popularity in the last few years, with the momentum to make it a staple in the betting world. Does this website deliver on its potential, or is this a case of a company trying to simply get in first to claim a piece of the pie? Read our review to find out!

  • Software system(s) used:

BetSpawn casino does not use any gambling software systems. This is because the website and casino is entirely focused on esports betting. As this doesn't require the systems which are usually used to run pokies and other games it simply does not use them.

  • see url Restricted countries and license:

Use of BetSpawn Casino is restricted in the following countries: Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, France and its territories, Germany, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kahnawake, Latvia, Libya, Macau, Netherlands Antilles, Republic of Serbia, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom and the Philippines.

This casino holds its license with Curacao.


The owners of this Casino, Carambit Entertainment B.V, appear to only own this one casino.


BetSpawn Casino is a casino that operates entirely from the webpage version. This is accessible after a user has signed up through the registration process. This can also be accessed through mobile devices.

BetSpawn Casino accepts the following forms of deposit: Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Zimpler.

  • Languages Supported

BetSpawn Casino offers its service in English and Swedish. GAMES COVERED

As this casino is based entirely on esports these are the only games on offer, not to play – but to bet on.

Included in the list of games which can be bet on are:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Vainglory
  • Crossfire
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Smite
  • Starcraft
  • World of Tanks
  • Halo
  • Gears of War
  • Call of Duty
  • Street Fighter 5
  • FIFA

Betspawn Main Game Page

The BetSpawn Esports Section alabama a m best dissertation LIVE CASINO

There is no live casino available from BetSpawn.


BetSpawn Casino comes with a live-chat service. This is only available for limited hours, though these are not listed.. It also comes with an email address for general enquiries. Alternatively users can contact the website through their Facebook page. This page can be seen below, in the social media section.

Aside from that, BetSpawn offers a small but high quality FAQ which covers many of the basic questions which users have.

BetSpawn does not, unfortunately, include any section on problem gambling. At least this is somewhat understandable here, as the website is quite small.

BetSpawn Casino Design and Usability

When it comes to design for the Betspawn website simplicity is the name of the game. The website here is built largely on a black, white and grey colour scheme, with a small quantity of other colours being thrown in to taste. Betspawn is a smaller and very focused website, and we can see this reflected in their design. Everything here is easy to find, so the users wont have any problems finding their way around the layout of Betspawn.

In terms of usability, this website holds up very well. During our time with the website we ran in no problems of any kind. The website itself also proved to be very responsive, even though it is heavily dependant on tabs and flash. It is rare for a website which so heavily incorporates these elements to perform so well, so the people who created the website seem to really know what they are doing.


There is a direct app available for BetSpawn. To access this a player needs only to visit their main website from their mobile device and click the link. Alternatively the app is also available from most major app stores.

  • Compatible Systems
  • Apple iOS 7.0.X and above
  • Android 3.X and above
  • Windows Phone 7 and above
  • Blackberry OS 10 and above.

It might also run on some devices older than the ones listed, though generally this is not recommended.


Registration for this website is done in two parts. This form is accessed from the register button from the main website.

Betspawn Signup 1

The first part asks the user to enter their basic user information. This includes username, email address and password.

Betspawn Signup 2

The second page involves the more detailed personal data. This includes age and locational information.

  • Withdrawal methods and times

BetSpawn Casino offers the following forms of withdrawal: Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Zimpler.

The wait time for these withdrawals is simply listed as approximately 1-2 days.


At the time of writing there are no active promotions from BetSpawn Casino, aside from the signup bonus, which is as follows:



This is available in only one tier. On the first deposit the users are eligible to receive a 100% bonus on a deposit up to a maximum of €133.7. Why this seemingly odd number? If you have to ask then you clearly aren't one of the elite.

The bonus cash here must be wagered within 120 days of being awarded.

Our Experience and General Reviews

My experience with this casino has been entirely positive.

General reviews of BetSpawn Casino rate it medium to high. Most review sites place it around the 3-5 star range.


When it comes to esports offered by this casino, BetSpawn comes somewhere among the top of the pack. They have a huge amount of different games on offer. These cover almost all of the base popular games.

The bonuses from this casino are very simple, as one would expect from a website of this size. At least it was set up in such a way that it appeals to its core users.

When it comes to support structure BetSpawn does fairly well. Given the small size of their team and casino proper 24/7 chat is not feasible. The options which they have left in its place do very well, so while return contact might not be instant it is still of high quality.


General consensus on BetSpawn Casino is that it has a great selection of games, and works quite well.

The smaller and lesser known nature of the website means that what other reviews there are tend to rely on written conclusions, rather than an outright star rating, so this is the basis we use for the opinions of others on Betspawn.


A a recent and upcoming website Betspawn still has a long way to go on the social media front. That said, they still have over 700 followers and are some of the most active workers when it comes to social media updates and communication. This is better than many of the larger casino websites manage to do, so Betspawn earns some points here.

Betspawn Facebook

The Twitter page of Betspawn is slightly less active and followed that their Facebook, with just shy of 350 followers. They still stay in contact here, however, so I'm will to gamble that this another area where the Betspawn continues to grow.

Betspawn Twitter


To properly review this casino and website we need to take into account what it wants to do, and how well it accomplishes this goal. In this was Betspawn is nothing but a smashing success.

While this website will only be a fit for those who are after a direct way to place bets on esports, as it offers nothing in the way of a traditional casino, this is still a growing area with precious few quality websites available which cater to their audience. If you want to bet on esports then this is one of the best, just be sure that's all you want to do.

4.5/5 stars

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