Blood Suckers 2

Bloodsuckers 2 Main Game Screen

Blood Suckers 2 Basic information:

Blood Suckers 2 is the sequel to another popular game released earlier by NetEnt. As you might expect, the game takes direct inspiration from vampire lore which, combined with NetEnt's trademark eye for quality, brings us this fantastic and colourful pokie.

Blood Suckers 2 was created by the gifted designers and programmers responsible for the NetEnt software system, a system powerful enough to stand among the giants of online gambling. These guys might not be as prolific as the people at, say, Microgaming, but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality.

As is standard with the NetEnt software system, this game is available on all the major platforms. This includes PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems.

Bloodsuckers 2 Main Game Screen

Blood Suckers 2 comes with a total of 20 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout. As this is a ways-to-win game the player cannot adjust the number of active paylines.

  • The minimum bet sits at 25
  • The maximum bet sits at 150
  • Minimum coin value sits a 0.01
  • Maximum coins value sits at 1
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.9%, on the higher end of average.


The first set of game settings are accessed by clicking the small spanner icon on the lower-left of the main game screen. Clicking on this will bring up 3 options.

  • Quick Spin

This speeds up the slots so that there is less time wasted between starting the spin and the spin ending.

  • Intro Screen

This toggle allows the player to turn off the intro screen for each subsequent time that they access the game.

  • Spacebar to spin

This simple option allows the player to spin the reels by pressing the spacebar.

Clicking on the small volume button on the bottom right of the game screen brings up a volume slider. This can be set to be completely mute if the player wishes it.

In terms of modifying player bets there are a couple of basic options. The first are the level buttons. This allows the player to change the total amount which they wager on a spin. Likewise the coin value buttons allow the player to change how much they wish the coins bet to be worth. When the player wants to quickly maximise their bet they need only click on the red Max Bet button, which sets level and coin value as high as they will go.


For more advanced autospin options the player must click either the red Auto Play button or the smaller Auto button which is located on the lower left of the screen. The simple settings here allow the player to select a quantity of autospins, from 10-1000. Players can also click the Advanced Settings button on this page to set spin ending conditions.

There are six possible ending conditions here, these are as follows:

  • On any win
  • If free spins are won
  • If a bonus game is won
  • When a single win exceeds an entered amount
  • If cash increases by an entered amount
  • If cash decreases by an entered amount


Blood Suckers 2 also comes with two help sections in the form of question-mark and ‘i' buttons. The ‘i' button gives a detailed listing of individual symbols, paylines and bonus values, while the question-mark offers more general information on rules.


If you don't know what a vampire is then you probably don't take in a lot of modern media. Basically they're creatures from folklore who can gain eternal life by drinking the blood of living humans, though they seem to prefer attractive young women. Typically this makes them bad-guys, although sometimes there are exceptions.

Blood Suckers 2 uses vampire hunting as a basis for its theme and its world. In this pokie the young vampiress Amilia travels to the imaginatively named Vampire Castle to find the treasures of her long dead ancestors. While this treasure is guarded by vampires and beasts alike, Amilia is not one to turn down a challenge. Using her crossbow and corset she sets out to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

While this is a new story created by NetEnt, it does seem to incorporate the style of other popular vampire media. The most obvious of these is Nosferatu, though some of the other characters bear striking resemblance to Dracula as portrayed in the Castlevania video games.

Other Features and Bonuses

Bloodsuckers 2 Wild

The wild symbol in this game comes in the form of red wild text in front of what I can only assume is some type of golden crown.

  • 2 give a bonus of 5 credits
  • 3 give a bonus of 200 credits
  • 4 give a bonus of 2,000 credits
  • 5 give a bonus of 10,000 credits

This can substitute for symbols except the scatter.

Bloodsuckers 2 Scatter

The scatter symbol in Blood Suckers 2 comes in the form of a red rose sitting on golden thorns.

  • 2 scatter icons give a bonus of 50 credits
  • 3 scatter icons give a bonus of 100 credits
  • 4 scatter icons give a bonus of 625 credits
  • 5 scatter icons give a bonus of 2,500 credits

When 2 or more of these are gained in a single spin in both the main game and in the Blood Rose free spins game awards coins, whereas 3 or more activate the Blood Rose free spins game.

Blood Suckers 2 also comes with 2 random features in the form of Scatter Shot and Bonus Shot.

The Scatter Shot feature activates randomly in both the main game and the bonus spins game. When this occurs all medium win symbols value wins 10 to 100 times the bet level.

The Bonus Shot feature is also activated randomly in the main or bonus spins game. In this one extra bonus symbol will appear on reel 1,2 or 3.


Blood Suckers 2 Bonus

In the main game, 3 or more consecutive bonus symbols starting from the leftmost reel will activate the Hidden Treasure bonus game. When this game is activated with 4 bonus symbols all wins within the bonus game will be doubled. When this game is activated with 5 bonus symbols all wins within the bonus game will be tripled. This game consists of 5 levels.

This game has the player pick coffins and chests to reveal key symbols, coin wins, scatter symbols or the demon. Scatter symbols which are won within this game are collected, if the player has collected three or more of these when the game ends the player will be gifted 10 Blood Rose free spins. The key symbols in this game advances the player to the next level. Getting a key on the final level wins the Great Treasure, which is 1,000 coins multiplied by the bet level. Otherwise the game ends when the player reveals the demon symbol.

Free Spins Game

The free spins bonus game is called Blood Rose. This is activated when the player manages to gather 3 or more scatter symbols in a single spin. These do not have to be on the same payline, or an activated payline. At the start of this game the player will be gifted with 10 free spins and a x3 multiplier. Additional free spins can be gained within this game. The amount wagered in the round which activated the free spins will be used as the value bet for the free spins.

How to Play:

For the simplest possible experience the player need only choose their level and coin value and then click the red jewel to spin the reels.

For autoplay and more advanced options the play can click on the autoplay buttons. This allows the player to select an amount of autospins to be activated. From here the player can also click on the advanced settings tab in order to change the settings in which the auto spins will auto end.

Overall Design and Usability:

Vampires have been a popular part of media for a few hundred years now, and this is something of which Bloodsuckers 2 is very aware. Drawing not only from historical but also contemporary depictions of vampires, and combining them with the trademark NetEnt quality means a design which stands leagues above much of the competition. From the symbols to the layout and animation, everything within this game is well crafted, which makes for a great visual experience.

When it comes to usability, Blood Suckers 2 is no slouch either. Everything works as it should, with the game itself being fast and responsive. Generally speaking it might be let down on some systems due to the lack of graphics options. This is quite a pretty game, which means it might not run very well when played on older or less powerful devices, but this is the only real gripe here.


To find this game you should check out the gambling websites which offer the NetEnt software system. While not quite as common as the Microgaming system it is still quite popular. So, if you already have a favourite site then check out what software is supported, it might already be on offer. If it's not, or you want a more direct list then check out our list below.


Blood Suckers 2 is another one of those games from NetEnt which can really make the competition look bad. Almost everything in this game has been given a lot of love and attention, and it shows. If you like a fantasy theme, or vampires in general, then check this one out. Even if you aren't, this is a game which is really worth a look, especially if you are a fan of free spins.

4.4/5 Stars.

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