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Diamond Vapor Main Game Screen

enter site Diamond Vapor General Information:

Hipsters have helped bring a lot of trends into popularity in the modern day. From putting a lot of time and effort into making it look like you spend no time and effort into the way you dress, to growing the beard of a lumberjack despite never having held an axe, their influence can be seen everywhere. It's not all bad, however, as one of these trends, on which the theme of this pokie is based, vaping, actually has some major benefits over traditional smoking. Diamond Vapor aims to bring the associated neon glitz into the pokie game, and they seem to have done a pretty decent job.

The Diamond Vapor pokie game runs on the Endorphina software system. The team at Endorphina then further license their games to run on the SoftBet software system. Although Endorphina are one of the new comers to the game of online pokies, you wouldn't know it from the quality of their content. In fact, much of their work stands above the big boys of Microgaming and NetEnt. Diamond Vapor was released in January of 2017.

The games offered by Endorphina and Softbet run on a flash based structure. This means they will commonly work on many devices which are capable of running both flash applications and HTML 5. Systems which can do this include most desktops and laptops, along with a significant proportion of mobile devices.

Diamond Vapor Main Game Screen

Diamond Vapor comes with a total of 10 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout.

  • The minimum coins bet sits at 1
  • The maximum coins bet sits at 10
  • enter Minimum coins size sits a 0.01
  • enter Maximum coins size sits at 1

The return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.%, which is about average.

follow site Options

The are accessed by clicking on the box with three small horizontal lines. This can be found in the upper right corner of the game screen. From here the player can selected one of five pages from the top of the newly opened screen. The options listed under these pages are as follows.

  • Bet

This screen let's the player change their currency display between credits and whatever other types the site being played on allows.

  • Autospin

This page allows the player to choose various autoplay options. The first of these simply lets the player choose how many spins they wish to play. This can be in increments of 10 from 10 to 1000, inclusive. The second set of options revolve around autoplay. Here there are four separate options that let the player select when the autospins will end. This includes when a certain amount of time has passed, when a certain amount of wins have been exceeded, when overall balance has decreased by a certain percent and when balance has increased by a certain amount times the initial balance.

  • Graphics

There are three separate options available here. The first of these is toggle for full-screen. The second is an option to stretch the game window to the browser window. Lastly, the third option allows the player to select their overall graphics quality. This is separated into low, medium and high. While the highest settings look the best they might also not run well older or less powerful hardware, so in these cases medium or low might be safer choices.

  • Sound

This section offers the player the ability to change toggle three different sources of sound, or change the level of volume for these sources via a slider. The three setting are master sound, effects sound and background sound.

  • Languages

Here the user can switch between the different languages which are supported by the game.


On the main screen of the game is a turbo button which acts as a quickspin toggle. For those unaware; this is an option which decreases the time it takes for a spin to complete. Effectively this means less time waiting around and more time playing.

The main screen also comes with an AUTO button. This acts as an autospin button and will operate per the rules set in the options section.

Also available from the options button, though not technically an option, is the ability to see game rules and payouts. This is opened up automatically when the player opens the options screen. Here the player can check out the different paylines, payouts and bonus rules.

Finally, we have the ways in which the player can modify their bets. To change the bet and lines used the player simply clicks on the bet and line boxes. The coin size can be changed by clicking the small number to the very top left of the screen. All of these will change the total bet amount, which can be seen in the total bet box at the bottom of the game screen.


When looking into Diamond Vapor its important to understand the culture behind the theme. While there is no settled definitions or hipster there are a lot different interpretations. My favorite is the one I listed above, where hipsters are the type of people who spend a lot of time and effort making it look like they put no time and effort into the way the dress. While largely harmless, they can be worthy of some extreme eye rolling.

Getting on modern trends is a hallmark of hipsters, flannel, old-school beards and a devotion to Mac products are all hallmarks of a traditional hipster. Recently this has moved on to vaping. That's not to say that if you do any of this you are a hipster. Not all people who wear flannel are hipsters, but all hipsters wear flannel. I'm getting off course.

Vaping, for those who aren't aware, is a means of getting tobacco into your body without the use of cigarettes, cigars, snuff or chew. Instead, the process includes using liquid nicotine and vaporising this product. This way a lot of the harmful aspects of tobacco are reduced, bringing a safer product.

Diamond Vapor combines the hipster aesthetic with vaping culture. Together this creates a look similar to if the eighties were invaded by a beard competition.

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Diamond Vapor Scatter

The  wilds and scatter symbol in this game comes in the form of a blue vape bar icon. It appears quite similar to bar sign.

  • 3 give a bonus of 20 credits
  • 4 give a bonus of 200 credits
  • 5 give a bonus of 2,000 credits


In the  Free Spins bonus game the total which is being bet will be taken from the amount which was wagered in the round in which the free spins were won. During this game an expanding feature is activated. For this, any symbols which occur in a winning combination from left to right expand. When this happens they duplicate and cover the entire reel. This results in a much increased payout. It should also be noted that while the scatter/wild symbol cannot act as a substitute for other symbols in this game it can activate further free spins per regular rules.

The other feature of Diamond Vapor is the ability to gamble. This start automatically when a game is won. When in this game the player can choose to select one of two characters. The two characters then blow a vapor cloud, with the character who blew the longer cloud being called the winner. If the player wins then their winnings are doubled. When the player looses their winnings are lost. This feature can be played up to five times a single win. Alternatively a player can simply choose to quit this feature and not gamble.

How to Play:

In order to play this game on the most basic level a player need only select three settings. These are bet, coin size and lines bet. All of these can be changed by clicking on the relevant box. After these have been selected the player need only click either the spin button or the main game screen.

For advanced play the user needs to enter the option button and set their autoplay settings. This allows the player to change when their autoplay will end, based on time passed, losses taken or wins gained. Starting autoplay based on these options is done back on the main game page. When clicking on the AUTO button here these autospins will start. These can be stopped anytime by clicking on this button again. It also recommended that the player use the TURBO button when autoplay is running. This is because it will cut down on a lot of time which would otherwise be wasted in waiting for the reels to stop spinning.

Overall Design and Usability:

An odd theme, to say the least, but once which has been given a lot of love and attention. The graphics and general layout of this game are both really well done. The animations of both the vapor blowing winning character portraits and the game itself are also top notch. Here you can see whole vapor theme, with streaks of it being left behind by both the character symbols and the scatter icons. The other icons, meant to represent both the vaporising pipes and the various flavours all glow, illuminating the surrounding vapor haze in a colorful bloom. All in all, this is one of the best looking pokies I've ever seen. Great work all around.

When it comes to design, Diamond Vapor is also no slouch. Everything in this game is streamlined and simple to understand, with the one possible exception being the coins bet per line which sits by itself in the corner. All of the options work well, and the game responds quickly. Even on the lowest graphics settings, the game looks great and works well. More great work here from Endorphina.

Where to find it:

Endorphina is not nearly as prolific as Microgaming and NetEnt, but they can still be found around. Any site which includes software by iSoftBet could well have these games on offer. So, if you already have a favorite gambling site which uses this software system then look around, Diamond Vapor might already be on offer. If it isn't or if you want a more direct list, then check out our reviews below. Each of these reviewed sites has Diamond Vapor on offer, so you can figure out which site you want, and then get into the game!


A great game by a great developer. If this is the level of creation which Endorphina can create when they put their minds to it then they are definitely one to watch. While this game is a little bit lacking when it comes to bonus games and symbols, the quality of the rest of the game does a lot to make up for the shortcomings. If you're into vaping culture, and aren't angry at me for my less than fair treatment of hipsters, then definitely check this one out. I would also highly recommend it for fans of good looking games, or those just interesting in trying out new pokies. If you're a big fan of bonus games, on the other hand, then this one might be worth a miss.

4.4/5 Stars

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