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Often incorrectly viewed as an anime game, Fa Fa Twins is pokie with a greater theme based on modern China and Chinese cartoons, rather than Japanese anime. The game itself is both complex in design and simple in operation, a combination which is surprisingly attractive. Few games out there modify the layout of their theme as much as Fa Fa Twins does, and it really helps sell this as a profession and well-made pokie.

The Fa Fa Twins pokie game runs on the Betsoft software system and was released in late February, 2017. While Betsoft aren't quite as prolific as the like of Microgaming and NetEnt, they make up for their relative lack of quantity in quality.

As is standard for Betsoft games, this will be playable over a great range of software. Generally speaking, machines capable of running both flash and HTML 5 should have no problem running Fa Fa Twins. While this is a game which was made to target desktop and laptop systems it will also run very well on a great range of mobile devices.

Fa Fa Twins Main Game Page

Playboy comes with a total of 243 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout. This is a ways-to-win machine, meaning that the amount of active paylines cannot be changed by the player.

  • The minimum coins bet sits at 0.02
  • The maximum coins bet sits at 1
  • Minimum bet level sits a 1
  • Maximum bet level sits at 5
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at nearly 95%, this is somewhere around average.


In order to access the options within this game the player needs to click on the small gear icon which can be found to the lower left of the main game screen. When this is clicked it will bring up a screen with four setting toggles.

  • Background Music

This simply allows the player to toggle on or offer the game's background music.

  • Sound Effects

This allows the player to disable all game sound effects.

  • Expandicon

This allows the player to enable or disable the Expandicon feature. This is the feature which aims to reduce game-lag and loading times.

  • Turbo Play

This toggle allows the play to enable is disable what amounts to a quickspin option. For those unaware, this is the option which speeds up the spinning of the reels, which means less time waiting around and more time playing.

On the main game screen are numerous other options which help the player customise their bet. The first of these is the choose coin settling. This changes the value of the coins which are wagered. The second is the bet level, which acts as a multiplier on the coins which are bet.

The game also comes with a max bet button which automatically sets coin size and bet level to their maximum.


Finally we h,ave the Autoplay option. When clicked this brings up a screen which offers the player three different options. These are as follows:

  • Bet Level

Much the same as on the main game screen, this option allows the player to select their bet level, from 1 to 5.

  • Choose Coin

Again, like the one offered by the main game page, this allows the player to change their coin size.

  • Number of Spins

This allows the player to select an amount of autospins to be completed, from a list. The choices offered here are 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 40x, 50x and 100x.

This screen also shows a total cost of the autoplay within the Total Cost box. Obviously the actual total cost will be slightly or completely nullified depending on the wins which the player makes within these autospins. There is no ability to set certain ending conditions for the autospins. They either have to bet stopped manually or allowed to spin to completion.


Fa Fa twins also comes with a help button in the form of a question-mark icon. When this is clicked it brings up a list of symbol values, as well as the bonus game information and details on other features.


The centre of this game, the Fa Fa twins, do not appear to be from any particular piece of other media. While they appear as a couple of small brown eyed and black haired children, context tells us they are most likely of Chinese origin.

The game itself includes a lot of designs which are obviously heavily influenced by Chinese history and culture. From flowers to buildings and even the card symbol designs, all of these factors combine to give the impression of a traditional Chinese city.

There isn't really much to add here, as the game itself appears to have no other backstory than China and Twins.

Other Features and Bonuses

Fa Fa Twins Wild

The wilds symbol in this game comes in the form of the Fa Fa Twins logo.

The wild symbol here can substitute for any of the other icons, and can only occur on reels 2-5.

Fa Fa Twins come with a Double Up Game. More commonly this is known as a gamble feature. This feature is activated after each win. When accessed, this gives the player the ability to bet half of all of their winnings for that round. The player then chooses a side of a coin and then flips the coin. A correct guess here will win double the bet. An incorrect bet will lose all of the bet.

Also included within Fa Fa twins is the Dual Reels feature. This feature is activated at the start of every spin. What it does is ensure that at least two adjacent reels will be identical, which means an even larger payout than a player might usually expect. From here the identical reels can spread out to cover up to a total of 5 reels maximum. Given that this game has a huge amount of paylines this means that huge payouts can be possible. This is especially the case when the icons include wilds or high value symbols.

How to Play:

For simple play in this game the player needs only select two options, their bet level and coin size. After this they need only click spin and the game will begin. Alternatively they can click the Max Bet button to instantly set these two options to their maximum levels.

After a win the player will gain access to the Double Up gamble feature. Here they simply choose a bet amount, 50% or 100% the win from that round, and a side of a coin. The coin is then flipped. If they selected the right side of the coin then the player's bet is doubled. When the other side lands face-up that bet is lost. This can be performed as many times as the player wishes, or not at all.

For more advanced options the player can click on the autoplay button. This brings the player to a page where they can customise their bet level, coin size and number of spins. While these spins will play out normally they can also be manually stopped at any time.


Overall Design and Usability:

This is a theme and design where the level of appreciation that you feel is quite subjective. If you like the animated Fa Fa twins and the crimson red of traditional China then this will look great for you. Almost every facet of the game sticks to this theme, and it really pays off. One of the best, when it comes to looks. Unfortunately this is a little bet lit down when it comes to audio. The musical theme of the game is a standard repeating tune which does little to make the player think of China. It's a little out of place and jarring, especially given the quality of the visual work.

When it comes to usability Fa Fa twins can be a little bit of a let down. While it covers the basics just fine many of the more advanced options that players have some to expect are missing from this game. This includes a total lack of graphics options. The ability to customise ending conditions of autoplay is also sadly missed. While the autoplay does show the player the total cost, which is rare and very helpful, the inability to set these different options can be a problem for some users.


Where to find it:

While not as well known as the big-boys of NetEnt and Microgaming, Betsoft is still a popular software system. If you already have a favorite website for gambling then check to see if they offer Betsoft, if they do then Fa Fa Twins might already be on offer. If it isn't or if you want a more direct list then check out our reviews below. Each of these reviewed sites have the game on offer, and by reading the reviews you can figure out which site is the best fit for you!


Fa Fa Twin is one of those pokies which is very appealing, but only to a certain audience. While it lacks any real bonus games it does help make up to this with two key features. These are gamble and dual reel features. This a game where the player can suddenly win very big, and then gamble on that to make the win even bigger. If this is a concept which appeals to you then I would recommend this game. If, however, you are the type of person who prefers a great autoplay system, and a wide selection of bonus games, then this might not be for you.

3.8/5 Stars

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