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The Flintstones Main Game Screen

The Flintstones Basic Information:

Meet the Flintstones, the modern stone age family. Mind you, the series is ageing at this point, so maybe we should call it the outdated stone age family, but then that comes off as redundant. It seems as if the theme writers for the Flintstones didn't keep in mind the troubles which casino reviews might eventually have with their song, the inconsiderate bunch of blockheads. Pointless complaining aside, this is certainly odd and nostalgic choice for a pokie theme. Is this a case of simple cash in on our memories, or is this worth another trip into the town that uses dinosaur mouths as toilets? Read our review to find out…

This pokie was created by the developers at Playtech. While not the biggest name in the business, Playtech still has a strong place within the pokie community. Since 1999 Playtech have established they have the talent to deliver quality, covering a wide range of electronic casino games.  This game was released on the 1st of October, 2016.

The Playtech system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from Playtech.

The Flintstones Main Game Screen

The Flintstones comes with a total of 1024 paylines over 5 reels in a 4×5 layout.

  • The minimum coins bet are static.
  • The maximum coins bet are static.
  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.01
  • Maximum coins size sits at 1.00
  • The return to player offered by this game is 95.45%, which is towards the lower end of average.


By clicking on the spanner icon towards the upper right of the game screen the player can access the options menu. This brings up a menu with 3 different sections. These are as follows:

 General Settings
  • Disable Warning Messages

This option simply toggles various messages from appearing within the game.

  • Skip Intro Video

This option toggles the opening video from playing the next time that the player enters the game.

Game Settings
  • Fast Play

Enabling this option speeds up the spinning of the reels. This means that these is less time spent waiting around between the time you click spin and when the reels come to rest, speeding up the entire experience.

Audio Settings
  • Slider

A simple slider which allows the user to change the overall volume level.

  • Game Sounds

This option toggles off all of the game sounds.

  • Background Sounds

This option toggles off all of the game's background sounds.

  • Dealer Voices

This option toggles off the dealer voices, which appears to be useless within this game.

Additional options can be accessed by clicking on the autoplay button. The basic options here allow the play to select from 10, 25, 50 or 99 autospins.

The game also comes with a turbo button towards the lower right of the game screen. This toggles works as a simple way to enable quickspin – the speeding up of the reels spinning process.

Other Helpful Additions

The Flintstones also comes with an info help button. This button opens a page which details all of the symbol worth, the bonus symbols and payline information.

The game can also be muted by simply toggling the sound button located on the lower left of the game main screen.


One of the first things which comes to many of our minds when we think of early animated sitcoms. The Flintstones is a series produced by the prolific Hanna-Barbera for ABC during the early to mid 1960s.

The focus of this cartoon was a family who lived in a bizarre stone age world which also had dinosaurs. Maybe this makes sense to our creationist readers, but the rest of us are sort of scratching our heads. It doesn't matter, it's a cartoon. This family, the Flintstones, lives in a world quite similar in makeup to our own, except with technology replaced with humorous stone-age counterparts. This includes such inventions as foot powered cars, and animal powered appliances.

The legacy of the Flintstones cannot be overstated. At the moment it stands with the Simpsons as one of the most well known animated series which has ever existed. When you are compared to the Simpsons you know you must be doing something right.

Other Features and Bonuses

The Flintstones Wild

The wild symbol in this game comes in the form of their family dinosaur pet, Dino. This can substitute for any symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols.

  • 3 of these in a single spin give a bonus of 50 when gathered
  • 4 of these in a single spin give a bonus of 300 when gathered
  • 5 of these in a single spin give a bonus of 1000 when gathered

The Flintstones Bonus

The bonus symbol in the Flintstones comes in the form of a bowling pin striking three pins. Gaining these on reels 1,3 and 5 on a single spin gives the player access to the Bedrock Bowling Bonus.

This Bedrock Bowling Bonus brings the player to a screen where they get to try their hand at bowling. The cash prize in this game is multiplied by how many pins are knocked down. A strike gives the player an extra throw with additional multipliers.

The Flintstones Free Games

The free games symbol in this game comes in the form of the Flintstones' house symbol. When these appear simultaneously on reels 2,3 and 4 the free games are won.

Bonus Games

The Flintstones Free Game Versions

The bonus games in The Flintstones are won when the player gains the free games symbol on reels 2,3 and 4 at the same time. Following this the player is asked to select one of the above 3 forms of bonus games. Additional details as follows:

The Great Gazoo free game comes with 12 free spins. This also comes with the Great Gazoo Extra Wild feature. With this feature the Great Gazoo also counts as a wild symbol and can randomly turn other symbols into wilds.

The Wilma free game comes with 5 free spins. In this game Wilma will vacuum up any wilds which land on the reels after every spin. On the final spin these wilds will then be shot out onto the board, for one final ultra spin.

The Dino free game comes with 10 free spins. During this game Dino will can randomly dig for bones during each free spin. Each bone he finds will increase the player's win multiplier.


How to Play:

Basic play for The Flintstones is as simple as a player selecting a betting amount and clicking spin.

Clicking the autoplay button allows the player to go through a selection of different amounts of autospins.

Overall Design and Usability:

When it comes to design there are few games which do as well with their theme as this one. With graphics which appear of even higher quality than those in the original show, it is apparent that Playtech went above and beyond here. Everything within this game, from the high quality animation to the symbols and even the music and sound effects draw directly from the show. Fantastic work here by Playtech.

When it comes to usability this is also a game which performs well. Everything within this game runs and responds well, with no apparent issues being found during our testing procedure. It could have done with some graphics options, for those users on older or less powerful hardware, but the game itself is not particularly requirement heavy, so it should still run fairly well on these devices.

Where to find it:

Playtech may not be as common as the big boys in the business, but they still do very well. Check out the following links for website reviews which offer games from the Playtech framework. From here you can decide which casino works for you, and you can jump right in!


A quality pokie game, and anything but a lazy cash-in. Playtech have done very well here, making a game which would be enjoyable with any theme. As it stands right now the Flintstones theme works perfectly, and the included music and sound effects do a very effective job at bringing back that nostalgia we felt while watching these cartoons all those years ago. While we can absolutely recommend this game to fans of The Flintstones, you don't need to be one to enjoy this game. If you enjoy some fun bonuses and well-crafted pokies then give this one a go – you won't regret it.

4.2/5 Stars

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