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Fun Casino was established by Bitcoin Ecosystem 2013 Casinos in 2014, and comes with a focus on pokies, poker, roulette and card games. Fun Casino relies on only a single software system in order to bring its games to the customer. Will this pay off? Keep reading to find out…


  • Restricted countries and license:

Use of Fun Casino is restricted in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This casino does not appear to hold a license. Instead, they rely on what they call the Provably Fair system, which allows advanced users to check the validity of their systems in real time with the right tools. This is not for the average user, however, users of this site should be very wary.


The owners of this Casino, Bitcoin Ecosystem 2013 Casinos, only own this one Casino.


Fun Casino is a casino that operates entirely from the webpage version. This is accessible after a user has signed up through the registration process. This can also be accessed through mobile devices.

Fun Casino is based entirely off the Bitcoin and related economies. As such it only supports three different types of deposits: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin.

Fun Casino offers its service in English and Russian. GAMES COVERED

Fun Casino is a casino with an obvious focus on pokies, as is generally the case. It should be noted that the selection here is far more limited than what is offer on most gambling websites. Fun Casino has a selection of 21 pokies, where its common for other online casinos to have a selection of hundreds. Aside from this they also have an interest in card games, casual games, poker games and roulette.

  • 7 card games. This includes classics such as blackjack, pontoon and baccarat.
  • 6 poker games, including Caribbean, Casino Hold'em, Let it Ride, Oasis Poker, Texas Hold'em and Trey Poker.
  • 3 forms of roulette – American, European and French
  • Plus a few other misc. games (including Minesweeper!).

Fun Casino Main Game Page

The main Fun Casino games page.


Fun casino does not offer anything in the way of a live casino.


Fun Casino does not come with a live-chat service. Instead, it uses an email address for general enquiries.

They also offer a small FAQ section which answers a few of the basic questions which users will likely have for the website.

Fun Casino also lacks any sort of problem gambling help section.

Fun Casino Design and Usability

A casino named Fun Casino should be fun, right? Well, that seems to be what they are going for with the design and theme for this casino website. Here the colours of purple, gold and black bring about a feeling of calm, whereas the background graphics inspire the feeling of excitement one might feel on a night of victory and prosperity. It's not a perfect fit here, but the website still does well enough. At the very least all the graphics are up-to-date, with no horrible outsized or ill-fitting images to be found.

In terms of usability, this is a site which is a little bit hit or miss. While most of the website is well set out and simple to navigate we did experience a few issues which soured the experience. On occasion some of the links simply would not load, which is not great given how casinos need to rely so much on, well, reliability.


There is no official phone app available from Fun Casino. It is, however, designed to run on most mobile devices. Simply visit the website from a mobile device to be forwarded to a mobile version of the website. While there are a few games which will be unavailable on mobile devices, most will run perfectly fine.

  • Compatible Systems

Mobile devices capable of running HTML5 should work with this site just fine. Specifically this means somewhere in the area of:

  • Apple iOS 7.0.X and above
  • Android 3.X and above
  • Windows Phone 7 and above
  • Blackberry OS 10 and above.

It might also run on some devices older than the ones listed, though generally this is not recommended.


Registration for this website is done in two parts. The first is by filling out the basic registration form which can be found below.

Fun Casino Signup

Following this form being submitted the player will be asked to activate their account via an email address. You might have noticed the lack of personal information being asked for – this is common among cryptocurrency based casinos. The currency itself places an importance on anonymity, so it is only reasonable that some websites which use them might follow the same suit.


  • Withdrawal methods and times

Fun Casino only offers withdrawals in the form of BitCoin.

The withdrawal time for this casino is around 0-24 hours, on top of a 24 hour pending time. The withdrawal limit for Fun Casino sits at 5 BTC per month.


At the time of writing there is only active bonus from Fun Casino.


Fun Casino does not offer anything in the way of signup bonuses.



The bonus offered by the casino comes in the form of dividends which are paid for all players who have at least 1 FUNCoin in their account. Following is the example which they list on their website:

Let’s imagine on the moment of distribution we have 3 FUNCoin holders and 2 projects operating on FUNCoins also. Total Fee collected from all FUNCoin projects is 30 FUNCoins. 

Dividends will be paid in the relative proportions depending on the FUNCoins amount every holder/project owns and will be sent to OpenLedger accounts automatically. 

Let’s imagine 1st holder owns 5 FUNCoins, 2nd has 10 FUNCoins, 3rdhas 20 FUNCoins while one project owns 5 FUNCoins and another one holds 60 FUNCoins. In total, they hold 5+10+20+5+60 = 100 FUNCoins.

So, this is how the dividends will be calculated:

1st holder will receive 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins

2nd holder 10/100*30 = 3 FUNCoins

3rd holder 20/100*30 = 6 FUNCoins

1st project 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins

2nd project 60/100*30 = 18 FUNCoins

These sums will be sent automatically to the relevant OpenLedger accounts of FUNCoin holders on the distribution day from funcoin-dividends account.

Our Experience and General Reviews

My experience with Fun Casino has been one of partial frustration. I've had problems with gambling websites before, but nothing that can compare to Fun Casino. You should note, however, that this might not typical. The day I wrote this I had all sort of problems getting the games section of the website to load, yet on the day I uploaded this review I had no problems at all.

General reviews of Fun Casino run from medium to high. Most review sites place it around the 3-4 star range.


When it comes to games offered by this casino, Fun Casino end up somewhere towards the lower end. While they do cover most of the bases just fine, the selection is limited by their use of a single software system. While some software systems have enough games to stand on their own – SoftSwiss is not one of them.

Bonuses for Fun Casino are a little complicated, but according to a resident Coin expert are disappointing.

Finally, the lack of a major FAQ and any sort of problem gambling section can be a real pain for those who wish to sort out their own problems. This is a further issue due to the lack of live-chat service.


General consensus on Fun Casino is that it covers the basics well enough, though lacks the variety to keep many players coming back.

Popular gaming ranking site has it at 6.9/10, with rating it at 5/5, giving it a 7/10 and giving it a 3.5/5.


Despite our best efforts we could not locate a social media page on either Facebook or Twitter for this casino. While this could be because of the simplicity of the casino name is it likely that none exist.


I can only really feel it okay to recommend this website to those who want to gamble with Bitcoins and are okay with simplicity. Otherwise the lack of selection, bonuses and a modern help section might cause users to find this website somewhere towards to lower end of the pack. That said, given they successfully do most of what they set out to do I feel a low rating isn't really required. Just know what you're in for before you give this casino a go, and remember they do not appear to hold a valid license.

3.0/5 stars

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