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Holmes & the Stolen Stones Main Game

Holmes & the Stolen Stones Basic information:

Holmes and Watson, two of the most famous people in literature. This team of detective and doctor have been responsible for some of the most impressive solves in criminal history, even if they are fictitious. Holmes & the Stolen Stones has the pair investigate, as you might have guessed, the case of the stolen stones. These are gemstones, in case you wondering, Holmes isn't out looking for the rocks that went missing from the garden of Mrs. Hudson.

Holmes & the Stolen Stones was created by the team at Yggdrasil. These aren't the biggest gambling software team out there, but they aspire to great things. Hence their slogan “We are not the biggest but the best”. Whereas other teams have the edge in sheer volume, Yggdrasil focuses on quality, and this game is a prime example of that.

As is standard with online pokies, Yggdrasil runs on flash compatible devices. This means most desktop and laptop computers, as well as many tablets and other mobile devices.

Holmes & the Stolen Stones Main Game


Holmes & the Stolen Stones comes with a total of 20 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout.

  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.01
  • Maximum coins size sits at 2.0

Coins bet is stuck at 20, as are paylines.

  • The return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.8%, slightly towards the higher end of RTPs.


In order to access the options the player must click the small pink circle with the ‘+' icon on the lower left corner of the screen, then on the gear icon. This options screen is cut into four sections. These sections are as follows:

  • Audio

In this section the player can choose to mute all sound effect or ambient sounds. This also comes with a volume slider for the sounds which are active.

  • Visual

This section comes with the ability turn off the splash screen and change spin speed. Rather than the standard toggle for quickspin, Holmes & the Stolen Stones comes with a slider which goes from turtle to hare, much like you would see on a common lawnmower.

  • Options

Yes, there is a further options section in the options screen. Here the player can choose whether they want their display to show coin values, and allow their space-bar to spin the reels.

  • Stop Autoplay

This section allows the player to choose when they want autoplay to stop. There are five possibilities here.

1: If a single win meets or exceeds an entered amount.

2: If cash increased by an entered amount.

3: If cash decreases by an entered amount.

4: When entering the free spins game.

5: When the jackpot is won.

Other Helpful Additions

By opening the toolbar by clicking on the small ‘+' to the lower left of the screen a number of extra buttons become available. Aside from the options listed above, there is mute-all, game information and bonus information buttons.

On the main game screen the player can click the coins bet box. Doing do will change the currency display from coins to Euros, which can also be achieved by clicking the win and balance boxes.

Apart from this are the Max Bet and Autospin buttons. The Max Bet button simply causes the player to wager the highest possible amount. Clicking on the Autoplay button allows the player to choose how many autospins they want from a list. These are 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and infinite spins. These can be stopped manually or by the rules which have been set in the options menu.


The famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were created by British author Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. The eventual popularity of the pair would lead Doyle to create many more stories, with an eventual count of 4 novels and 56 short stories.

The character of Holmes has been described as obsessive and with no regard for good order. Despite being a genius in what is supposed to be deductive reasoning there are areas where Holmes is revealed to be completely, and wilfully, ignorant. With a mere glance Holmes is capable of deducing incredible amounts of information from a subject, while at the same time he is utterly clueless when it comes to astronomy, philosophy and literature.

His odd attitude and behaviour often frustrates and confuses Watson though, ultimately, the pair would remain the greatest of friends.

The popularity of the character of Sherlock Holmes was left him as one of the most portrayed movie characters in history, with his overall appearances rivalling that of Zorro.

The basis of this game does not appear to be an actual official story, but rather is new one created by Yggdrasil for the sake of this game.

Other Features and Bonuses

Holmes & the Stolen Stones Bonus

The bonus symbol in this game comes in the form of the of a rusted keyhole set against blue and black. 3 or more of these will trigger the Bonus game.

  • 4 give a bonus of 1,000
  • 5 give a bonus of 10,000

Holmes & the Stolen Stones Free Spins

The free spin symbol in this game comes in the form of a golden keyhole. Gaining 3 or more of these will trigger the freespin mode.

  • 3 of these give 10 free spins
  • 4 of these give 10 free spins and 1,000 coins
  • 5 of these give 10 free spins and 10,000 coins

Also on offer are the coloured diamonds which appear above each reel. Collecting 5 diamonds of the same colour wins a jackpot which increases from left to right on the reels, this is a progressive jackpot which slowly and continuously grows as you play.

Bonus Games

In the bonus game which is triggered by the bonus icons the player will be taken to a new screen which displays a total of 18 boxes. By clicking on the boxes the player reveals random cash prizes or diamond shards which will add to the total diamond stash. This game will end once the player reveals a smoke bomb symbol.

The freespins bonus game gives the player 10 spins, during these spins the player is gifted a 3x multiplier and is still able to uncover diamond shards, those these only count in that free spins game and will not carry over into the main game.

How to Play:

When it comes to simple gameplay Holmes & the Stolen Stones is one of the simplest available. Players only need to select their coin value and click spin.

The more advanced play in this game revolves around the autoplay features. This can be accessed by clicking on the autoplay button located just to the right of the spin button. Clicking this will bring up a variety of different spin amounts. These can all be stopped manually or by setting the stopping rules within the options menu.

Overall Design and Usability:

Many games only go for the minimum when it comes to pokie design, but Holmes & the Stolen Stones is not one of those game. Everything in this game is built from the ground up to suit the theme, where many of the larger developers will skimp out when it comes to buttons and bars. Every icon has been shown attention here, and the graphics are all very well designed.

When it comes to usability Holmes & the Stolen Stones is both hit and miss. The only real problem is the lack of ability to customise your bet. The only part which the player can chance is the coin value. Both the paylines and total coins per line are set and cannot be changed, but aside from that everything in this game is great. Especially useful are the multitude of ways in which a user can stop their autospins. All of the buttons and options are clearly labelled and the game itself is fast and easy to use.

Where to find it:

Yggdrasil isn't as common as the big boys like Microgaming and NetEnt. This means that it is usually only offered on the largest gambling sites or some of the more targeted smaller ones, if you already have a favourite site then search around, you might find that the game is already on offer.

If it isn't, or if you want a more specific list then you can check out our reviews on some on of the following sites, these all have Holmes & the Stolen Stones available:


The only real way in which this game is a let down is its lack of betting customisation. In all other ways Holmes & the Stolen Stones is outstanding.  The multiple progressive jackpot hems really add a lot here, and they also pay out very well if you manage to collect them all. Great graphics, great sound, fast, simple to navigate and with great autoplay features, if the limited options don't bother you then check this one out,

4.3/5 Stars

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