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There are a few themes or settings that you begin to notice when you do the amount of pokie reviews that we do. Cash-ins are popular, especially when it comes to films, as are jungle themed games. One of the other most popular themes which shows up is ancient China. Surprising as this might be, the colours and art from the time work amazingly well in many of the games in which they appear. Is Huangdi the Yellow Emperor one of these good ones, or does it fall to the mill of mediocrity? Keep reading to find out!

Created by the talented folks responsible for the Microgaming gaming software, one of the most popular and powerful gambling software systems ever developed, Huangdi the Yellow Emperor is a pokie game released at the beginning of January, 2017.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.

Huangdi the Yellow Emperor Main Game Screen

Huangdi the Yellow Emperor comes with a total of 25 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout.

  • The follow url return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.5%, slightly above average.


Huangdi the Yellow Emperor includes all of the main options which a user would expect from modern pokie game. These are accessed by clicking the tab on the lower right of the screen. From here the user can click on the options button which will open a new screen. This options menu is separated into three different sections. These are as follows:

    • Game Play Settings

    Here the player has the option to enable quickspin. When enabled this speeds up the reels so there is less time waiting between the time which spins is clicked and when it stops. There is no change in the chances of each icon landing when this is enabled.

  • Graphic Settings

These allow the player to choose the level of appearance which they want the game to show. Here the player can choose between Basic and Enhanced. While Enhanced will obviously look better it also is more draining on computer power. This means that players on older or outdated hardware might be better of playing this game on the basic setting.

  • Sound Settings

This section comes with four options. The first option switches off all sounds, which can also be accessed via the main game page, these pther options switch off individual sound sources, including game sounds, win sounds and background sounds.

Other Helpful Additions

The autoplay button give the player access to 10x, 25x, 50x and 100x quickspin options. The user can also choose to keep spinning until the stop button is clicked, or they can click custom to set further rules. These further rules allow the player to enter a custom amount of spins to complete and choose between two spin-end settings. The first of these settings allows the player to stop when all spins are complete. The second allows the spins to stop when wins equal or exceed a certain amount.

Also offered on the game itself is question mark icon which, when clicked, leads the user to a help page to answer any basic questions which the user might have. An additional option located within the tab on the lower-right side of the screen lets the player check payouts and combinations information.

By clicking on the win button on the main game page the player can display a list of the top 5 wins on the game. Where these were achieved, and when, is not listed.

Finally, Huangdi the Yellow Emperor offers a statistics button within the lower-right tab which, when clicked, allows the player to see a variety of helpful information, which includes highest wins, spins player, spins per hour and session time. Note that these stats do not persist through sessions.

follow site Background:

Huangdi, also known as the Yellow Emperor, is a deity in Chinese Religion. While thought, for a long period of time, to be an actual historical figure, this was challenged by scholars in around the 1920's. The generally accepted concept today is that the Yellow Emperor was a mythological figure who, over time, was adopted as a historical one. It's understandable why this might have been mixed up, as the time period for his leadership was supposed to be around 2600 BC, or over 4.5 thousand years ago.

There are many legends surrounding the Yellow Emperor, and not all of these are accepted. One such legend tells that he was conceived when his mother was hit by a bolt of lightning originating from the big dippier constellation.

Many more of his legend is based around the inventions and concepts which are credited to him. These include early Chinese astronomy, the bow sling and the Chinese calendar. He is also commonly regarded as one of the originators of an early Chinese written language.

Regardless of historical accuracy, there is no denying the influence which the Yellow Emperor's legend had and has on Chinese culture and their appreciation of history. Seems like a great idea for a pokie, at least in the mind of this reviewer.


Other Features and Bonuses

Huangdi the Yellow Emperor Wild

The get link wild symbol in this game comes in the form of a Huangdi the Yellow Emperor symbol.

  • 3 of these give a bonus of 4
  • 4 give a bonus of 6
  • 5 give a bonus of 20

These can substitute for any icon except the scatter symbol.

Huangdi the Yellow Emperor Scatter

The scatter symbol appears as a golden dragon. This does not need to appear on a enabled payline to win.  Gaining 3 or more of these in one spin will activate a free spin bonus game.

  • 2 scatter icons give a bonus of 2
  • 3 scatter icons give a bonus of 4
  • 4 scatter icons give a bonus of 20
  • 5 scatter icons give a bonus of 200

The Expanding Symbols feature appears in both regular play and the free spins bonus game. In the base game this means that any full symbol stack on reel 1 expands all matching high symbols on the remaining reels. These only expand when part of a winning combination. In the free spins game a full stack on reel 1 expands all matching high symbols and wilds on the remaining wheels. These only expand when part of a winning combination.

Free Spins Games

The free spins bonus game in Huangdi the Yellow Emperor is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. When these are gained on a single spin the player gets a total of 15 free spins. The wild symbol is stacked on reel 1 during these free spins.

How to Play:

The simplest way to play Huangdi the Yellow Emperor is to simply select bet size and click spin,  from here the bet can be further customised by clicking on the bet button and choosing coins bet and coin size. As this is a ways to win game the player cannot select how many paylines they wish to select.

By clicking the autoplay button the user can access the quickspin options which allow a quick select of 10, 25, 50 or 100 auto spins, or to spin until the user manually stops the spin process. The custom button in this tab allows the player to enter their own amount of spins as well as stop when either this number of spins are completed or when a certain amount is won or exceeded.

Overall Design and Usability:

Games based on Chinese history and mythology tend to follow one pattern – they all look really nice. Huangdi the Yellow Emperor is not different here. Striking golds and reds really help set this up as one of the best looking pokies around, which is great. Otherwise, the design is quite basic, with the game relying on a simple version of the usually quite similar Microgaming layout. The exception to this simplicity is the animation of the symbols themselves, which is, again, some of the best around.

When it comes to usability this is a fairly simple game. With no paylines to choose and only two betting options this is a game which is designed for quick-play, more than anything else. All of these available options and buttons respond quickly, and the added graphics options really helps players on older or less powerful hardware. Great for powerful mobile systems.

Where to find it:

As is common with websites that utilise the Microgaming software platform, Huangdi the Yellow Emperor is available on a great many sites so if you already have a favourite gambling website then check it out, Huangdi the Yellow Emperor might already be on offer.

If you want a more specific list then you can check out our reviews on some of the following sites, these all have Huangdi the Yellow Emperor available:


Another great game from Microgaming, though one which could do with a little bit more content. The game itself is fantastic looking, and plays very well, but a lack of multiple bonus games and betting options means it might not hold the attention of players who want a more involved experience. If you want something new to try out, or are a fan of great looking games, then I can absolutely recommend this game. It also looks and runs great on newer mobile devices. If you want to try out pokies on your new phone then check it out.

4.0/5 Stars

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