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Imperial Dragon Main Game Screen

Imperial Dragon Basic Information:

Ever wonder what are the most wealthy of mythological creatures? The goblin kings, perhaps? Wrong, the answer is the not-so-humble dragon. These creatures are often noted for their penchant for eating human flesh, but in reality (or fake reality) they gain their calories by eating treasure. It is only natural, then, that a pokie based around these creatures should offer great rewards. Will this Imperial Dragon lead the player to profit, or is he simply a more confusing version of the famed Metric Dragon? Read our review to find out…

This pokie was created by the developers at Blueprint Gaming. Blueprint have their basis in physical gambling terminals. In fact, Blueprint are so popular they have over 100,000 land based gaming terminals over the UK, Germany and Italy. If you've spent time in a casino in Europe its very possible you've already had a sample of what Blueprint has to offer. Now they aim to bring their expertise the world of online gambling.  This game was released on the 22nd of February, 2016.

The Blueprint system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from Blueprint.

Imperial Dragon Main Game Screen

Imperial Dragon comes with a total of 40 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout.

  • The minimum coins bet are static.
  • The maximum coins bet are static.
  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.20
  • Maximum coins size sits at 100.00
  • The return to player offered by this game is 95.53%, which is around average.


Imperial Dragon is a game built around simplicity, and because of this the game has a notable lack of options. Rather than the traditional option screen, Imperial Dragon has the majority of its options available from the main game screen.

These include:

  • Betting Quantity Buttons

These simple increase or decrease the bet per line, though the paylines themselves cannot be customised.

  • Audio Button

Moving the cursor over this button gives the player the ability to either set the volume at a specific level or mute the entire game.

  • i Button

This is used to open the main game information screen. This section includes helpful information on symbols, game rules and payouts.

  • Autoplay

When this button is clicked the player is brought to the autoplay settings screen. From here the user is able to choose from a menu with three different sections. These are as follows:

  • Set Number of Plays

In this section the user is able to choose from 10,25,,50,75 or 100 spins to play out.

  • Autoplay Session Loss Limit

Here the user is able to set stopping rules based on how many time the initial bet was lost. The options here are 2x,5x,10x,50x and unlimited. For this last option the autoplay will continue regardless of how much is lost.

  • Autoplay Session Single Win Limit

This section allows the user to set end options based on how much times a bet is won in a single spin. The selections here are 10x,25x,50x,75x and unlimited. For the last option the spins will continue regardless of how much any individual win nets the player.


With the name Imperial Dragon it should be fairly evident where the inspiration for this game comes from. For those unaware – the basic idea comes from Japanese history and mythology. The imperial in the name relates to the Imperial Royal Families who ruled Japan through its more collected periods in history. The dragon itself is not strictly literal, but rather it exists as symbol of ferocity and strength.

This pokie draws direct inspiration from Japanese architecture and history for most of its design. This includes money, fans, emblems and the fantastic pagodas and temples which make up an important and visible part of Japanese success, design and skill.

Other Features and Bonuses

Imperial Dragon Wild

The wild symbol in Imperial Dragon comes in the form of a dragon curled around a gem. This can substitute for any symbol except the scatter. It can also appear on any of the reels.

These can form their own combinations, with payouts using the following rules:

  • 3 of these give a bonus of 100 when on 1 payline
  • 4 of these give a bonus of 2000 when on 1 payline
  • 5 of these give a bonus of 20000 when on 1 payline

Imperial Dragon Scatter

The scatter symbol in Imperial Dragon appears as a golden dragon emblem. These do not need to appear on an active payline in order to generate a win. Gaining three or more of these on a single spin gives the player access to the Golden Dragon Bonus Free Spins Games.

This game also gives the player access to the gamble feature. This button is found to the bottom left of the game screen. It has three available settings: off, 1x total bet and 5x total bet. This feature will come into play after a spin results in a payout. Following this the player will be brought to a new screen with a roulette type wheel. This spins randomly and the player can keep spinning until either they lose, choose to collect their winnings, or hit the unlisted gamble limit.

Bonus Games

The free spins bonus game in Imperial Dragon is won when the player gains at least 3 scatter symbols in a single spin. The bonus features which become available in this game depend on the total amount of scatter symbols which the player has gained. There are three different tiers here, listed as follows:

  • 12 total scatters gives the expanding wilds feature. When this feature is active and wilds which land on the reels will expand to cover the entire reel.
  • 18 total scatters give the previous rewards plus the elimination of 10,J and Q symbols from the reels. This means a much greater chance to win with only the higher value symbols in play.
  • 24 total scatters come with the previous rewards plus the addition of the King and Ace symbols to the removed symbols list. This means an even greater chance at higher rewards.
How to Play:

Basic play for Imperial Dragon is as simple as a player selecting a betting amount and clicking spin.

Clicking the autoplay button allows the player to go through a selection of different amounts of autospins.

Overall Design and Usability:

We've make no secret in the past that we are big fans of red and gold colour schemes done right. This, as it turns out, is one of those cases. The general motif here appears to be one of these fantastical historical cities caught in the glow of an orange setting sun. This is carried over to the symbols and the playbars, which also adapt the scheme to great effect. This is one of the types of looks where the developer needs to go big or go home, and in this case Blueprint gaming have definitely chosen to go big.

In terms of usability Imperial Dragon is a bit of a curiosity. The game itself runs very well, responds well, and appeared fully reliable during our testing procedure. The problem here is that the game offers almost nothing in the way of general options. While this might be explained by games which target mobile systems, in order to streamline the experience, this aspect ratio of this game leads us to believe that it was crafted for desktop systems. This makes the missing options a lit bit of a mystery. In reality what it comes down to is that users on older or less powerful devices might not be able to dial down the game to work for them, so this is something to keep in mind.

Where to find it:

Blueprint may not be as common as the big boys in the business, but they still do very well. Check out the following links for website reviews which offer games from the Blueprint framework. From here you can decide which casino works for you, and you can jump right in!


Imperial Dragon is rather basic in many ways, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Users on devices which are relatively modern or powerful should be able to enjoy this game with no issue, its just those on older or less powerful devices that might have to miss out. The game itself comes with a simple but fun compounding bonus system, which is somewhere in the middle of the pack, and combines this with an incredibly pleasing visual design. This is worth a look if you are a fan of the theme, or are just on the lookout for something new. A solid entry by Blueprint Gaming, though one with room for improvement.

3.8/5 Stars

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