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Jungle Jim El Dorado General Information:

There are certain things which you grow to expect when reviewing pokies, one is puns, the other is jungles. Jungle Jim El Dorado manages to combine the two into one. It probably would have worked a bit better had a jungle gym been a part of an actual jungle and not a playground obstacle, but puns have always been more about making people groan than making sense. How well is this pokie done, and is the game worth playing? Keep reading to find out?

The Jungle Jim El Dorado pokie game runs on the Microgaming software system. One of the most popular and prolific creators of online pokies, Microgaming has been in the business for over a decade, and have now taken their experience and applied it to a Jungle Jim El Dorado themed game. This game was released on the 7th of September, 2016.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.

Jungle Jim Main Game Screen

Jungle Jim El Dorado comes with a total of 25 paylines over 5 reels in a 3×5 layout. Paylines cannot be modified in this pokie.

  • The minimum coins bet sits at 1
  • The maximum coins bet sits at 10
  • Minimum coin size sits a 0.01
  • Maximum coins size sits at 0.10
  • The return to player offered by this game sits at around 96.3%, on the higher end of average.


These are accessed by hitting the small brown up arrow towards the lower right of the screen. From here the player needs to simply click on the options button which appears.

Graphics Settings

Jungle Jim El Dorado comes with a total of three different graphics settings. These are separated into Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Basic downplays the graphics, making the game run better on older or less powerful machines. Standard sets the game to look like how it was originally designed to be played. When the enhanced setting is selected the game will look better, but the difference in this particular game is not large. Note that the higher the graphical options the more powerful the system it is played on will need to be. This means that is you have trouble running it at enhanced and standard you could consider turning the graphics to basic. This is especially important because overloading your system can cause these games to crash, and a crash on a win means the player gets nothing!

Sound Settings

Jungle Jim El Dorado offers four possible sound options. The first of these is these ability to mute all noise generated from the game, which can also be achieved by simply clicking the sound icon at the top right of the main game page. The player can also choose to individually mute game sounds, win sounds, and background sounds.

Other Settings

Clicking on the credits button on the main page also allows the player to quickly switch between coin and credits display. Alternatively the player can choose to display currency in both coins and credits.

Clicking on the bet button brings up a display which allows the player to change their coin size and total amount of coins bet.

The autoplay button allows the user to choose a variety of, you guessed it, autoplay options. The quick ones on offer are a 10, 25, 50 and 100x autospins, with an additional option to keep the game running until the stop button is manually clicked. This also allows the user to click the custom button to set further autospin rules. Here the player can enter their own custom amount of autospins and choose between 2 stop settings, these are once the spins are all complete, or once a certain amount has been won or exceeded.


Jungle Jim El Dorado also comes with two help sections in the form of question-mark and pays buttons. The  pays buttons gives a detailed listing of individual symbol, bonus values and game rules, while the question-mark offers general information on rules.

Also on offer is a stats button which, when clicked, brings up a display. This is split into 2 sections, spin results and highest wins. Spin results lists spins played, session time and spins per hour. The highest wins section lists the top three wins. Both sections only apply to the current game session.

Players can also click on the win button to bring up a list of the top 5 wins. When these were won, and where, is not listed.


We'll start with the easy one here – Jungle Jim. I touched on this in the intro, but I'll elaborate for the punnily impaired, or those with English as a secondary language. A collection of metal bars to climb on in a playground is often called a jungle gym. The hero of this game is named Jim. Jim apparently spends a lot of time in a jungle. Jungle Gym, Jungle Jim. Terrible.

El Dorado is a lot more interesting. Spanish for The Golden One, El Dorado references a mythical tribal chief from Colombia. This chief apparently covered himself with gold dust and submerged himself within a lake. The legends changed over time, from being based around the man, to an area, and then a city. This city, at least as the legend goes, is one of near pure gold.

Over the years this legend has attracted many adventurers who wish to claim the bounty for themselves. Naturally none of them have succeeded, as it does not really exist. Or, perhaps, that is just what we have been led to believe.

Other Features and Bonuses

Jungle Jim Wild

The wilds symbol in this game comes in the form of a Jungle Jim symbol.

This can substitute for any icon except the scatter symbol.

Jungle Jim Scatter

The scatter symbol in Jungle Jim El Dorado come in form of what appears to be some sort of ye old compass.

  • 3 scatter icons give a bonus 2.50 multiplier

These can only appear on reels 1,2, and 3. Scatter symbols do not need to appear on an active payline in order to qualify as a win.

Gathering 3 of these on a single spins grants access to the free spins game.

The Rolling Reels feature appears in both regular play and within the free spins bonus game. With this feature any winning combinations are removed from the reels after the spinning has stopped. From here the symbols above will drop into place, which can generate further wins.

The Multiplier Trail in this game can also appear in both regular play and the free spins bonus game. With this feature the multiplier on winnings increases for each consecutive win. In regular play this caps out at x5, while in the free spins game the multiplier caps out at an enormous x15.


The free spins game is activated when the player gains 3  scatter symbols during a single spin. When activated this gives the player 10 free spins.

The total amount bet during these free spins is taken from the amount which was bet in the round in which the free spin bonus game was activated. Additional free spins can be retriggered from within this game.

How to Play:

For the simplest possible experience the player need only choose their bet and click the spin button. Further customisation of their bet can be accessed by the user clicking on the bet button and changing their coin size and total coins wagered.

For autoplay and more advanced options the play can click on the autoplay button, this allows the player to select 1 of 5 basic autospin options, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x or until manually stopped, or click customise to further change their options.

In the custom screen the player can enter their own amount of spins and set end rules, these rules are either once the spins are complete or once an entered amount of money has been won or exceeded.

Overall Design and Usability:

If you've played a lot of pokies before then this one should be quite familiar to you, given how often jungle themes show up. While the symbols designed for this game are well suited, this game is a little odd in another way. That is that the graphics, especially for the symbols, are surprisingly low resolution. While this isn't a deal-breaker it is certainly distracting and strange, especially in such a modern game. Otherwise, the game is much as expected – full of treasure, gems and ruins.

One of the better Microgaming pokies when it comes to usability. Some decent room for customisation when it comes to bets, and some very useful options when it comes to graphics. Everything in this game appears fast and responsive, and this reviewer had no problems with reliability over the entire testing and reviewing procedure.

Where to find it:

Microgaming is one of the most popular gambling software systems available, and is the main software used by a great many websites. If you already have a favourite gambling website then do a quick search, it might already be on offer. If it is not, or you would prefer a direct link then check out some of  the links below.


A little ugly, but otherwise great is how I would describe this game. There is a little bit of a lack of bonus games, though this is somewhat made up for by the rolling reels and multiplier trail features, both of which I am an enormous fan of. This is one of those that I can feel very comfortable in recommending to big pokie fans, whereas newer players might be a little turned off by the appearance of this game.

4.0/5 Stars

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