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What are Live Games?

In online gambling the term live games refers to games which have people, rather than machines, on the other end. The way that this is achieved is by employing people to act as dealers in specific locations while under a live webcam. These dealers are also given a readout on their side which allows them to see which players are in the game, and what bets have been placed.

As these games are far more expensive than the usual computer system based methods for online gambling they are comparatively rare. The added expense for these online games comes from the fact that they require the dealers to be paid at least the minimum wage of the host country, in addition to their requiring a physical location, layout and recording equipment which need to be both paid for and professional in quality and appearance. They also require a live technician to deal with the technical side of the operation.

It is common for these online live dealer setups to require a minimum of a three room setup. One of these rooms is the live casino room which the players sees. The second room is comprised of the server software and the third room is where the IT manager works.

All of this means that in addition to a smaller number of games being offered, in general, there are also fewer types of games covered. When it comes to selecting which games to cover, most casinos will go with the most popular. This means most centre on roulette, blackjack, sic bo and baccarat.

A common tactic used by those who offer such live dealers is to employ the young and attractive. In this way they are not dissimilar to in-person casinos.

The experience of playing live games

Basic Rules for Live Games

The rules for each of these games are the same as the traditional versions. For more information of the common types offered you can click the following links:

Important Live Games Information

Some live games also allow a further degree of communication between the player and the host, by means of text and voice chat.

When contact with the dealers is possible then the casinos often employ basic rules of behaviour. No swearing, rude comments, racism, etc.

It is important to note that some version of live games that are offered by online casinos require a certain level of membership or other entry requirements  in order to be accessed. This is to ensure a better service to preferred customers and to keep out those abusive or disruptive players.

The most open of these tend to require at least a membership with some online sites. On the second tier there are those which require a certain amount of money to be deposited with the casino before access is allowed. On the third tier are those aforementioned rooms which are only available to players who have reached a certain level of membership.

Another important thing to note about online live casinos is that they often do not contribute to wagering requirements. For those unaware, this deals with bonus cash which is often gifted to players when they sign up for new websites. The wagering requirements refer the amount of total gifted bonus money which needs to be bet in order for money made from this bonus cash to payout. This is used to protect the casinos from people taking the bonus cash and running, and usually runs in the area of 20x-50x. This is important for live games because live games commonly contribute nothing towards these requirements, so keep that in mind. If you want to play live casino games you're usually going to have to do it with your own cash.



Some of these games allow direct conversations between the players and the dealer. It is important to not that the rules which should be followed here are much the same as those in regular casino. Being rude, disruptive or inappropriate will only serve to get you in trouble. When this happens a player can be booted from the game and lose their winnings.

A little bit of light ribbing isn't impossible, just remember the basic rule: if you couldn't say in a real casino then you can't say it in an online live casino. With this in mind you should be fine.

One major advantage is that you can play in your underwear and, unlike in a real casino, nobody will know but you. Just be aware that if the live casino game is one of those which uses webcams then this probably will not be the case.

Where to Play

If you already have a favourite gambling site then take a quick check around, they might already have what you want. For a list of just a few of the many sites which offer these live dealers check the list below.

General Terminology

Knowing the correct terminology for the games you play might not matter so much when you are playing these game at home, alone, but it does when you are playing with other real people. This can make it easier simply in terms of communicating with others, but it offers additional advantages as well.

When it comes to competitive games the player needs to show that they are competent. Without this, players can be recognised as fish ( a new or non-skilled player), and can be targeted by others. This will not only lower that player's chances of winning, but will hurt their experience overall. Of course knowing the lingo isn't all of it, here. Talking the talk wont stand for much if you can't walk the walk, but a good understanding of lingo can still help sell the illusion. Keep in mind there is some regional differences in terminology, so in some cases you should ask about exactly what other players mean. The trick is knowing which of these terms are regional, and which are common.

In terms of making friends within the community and the dealers themselves, using the correct terms can be a major help. These others can help you build your knowledge base and offer tips which you might have overlooked. You need to be careful though, they might try to manipulate you or put you on tilt!

For links to the relevant lingo then take a look in the above Basic Rules section which links to the general topics of the other games. These give a helpful rundown of some of the most common terms which players will come across, and the terms which players need to know the most.

Gambling Terms

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