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Persian Fortune main game screen

Persian Fortune Basic Information:

Part of all of our gambling involves our will to win. We all enter with the wish that this time we will find our fortune. Persian Fortune seems to understand this. While most of us haven't been to Persia, because the empire hasn't existed since the late 70's at the latest, we can at least dream of getting in on the wealth and style of the Persian culture. Will this game prove to be a portal to wealth, or are we more likely to suffer Persian misfortune? Read our review to find out…


This pokie was created by the developers at Red Tiger. Another team created by group of industry veterans. Red Tiger was founded in 2014 and comes with a focus on pokies. This team claims a proven track record in Europe and Asian, and now they aim to bring this success to the rest of the world.Red Tiger boasts a growing team of psychologists, mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, QAs, account managers and secret magicians who work together to bring a continuously improving player experience. This game was released on the 20th of October, 2016.

Basic Information

The Red Tiger system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from Red Tiger.

Persian Fortune main game screen

Persian Fortune comes with a total of 20 paylines over 5 reels in a 5×3 formation

  • The minimum coins bet are 0.20
  • The maximum coins bet are 500.00
  • Minimum coin size is static.
  • Maximum coins size is static.
  • The return to player offered by this game is 95.2%, which is on the lower end of average


Persian Fortune is typical of a Red Tiger game in that nearly everything within this game can be done from the main game screen. The different buttons and their purposes on this screen are as follows:

  • Sound

This is found up the top-right of the main game screen. When toggled this option simply turns on or mutes all game sound.

  • Information, Help and Paylines

These are found when the player clicks the three horizontal bars to the top-right of the main game screen. This then opens a tab where the player can enter the pays or help screen. While the help screen will offer a simple list of game rules the pay section comes with a list of symbol worth and bonus structures. The pay section can also be accessed when clicking the small PAYS button to the bottom right  of the main game screen.

  • Bet

Here the game comes with a simple + and – icons. Clicking on these will change the bet, from the minimum to the maximum.

  • News

This is accessed when clicking the small world icon at the top right of the main game screen. When this is opened the player is given access to recent and important news from Red Tiger.

  • Full-screen

This option is also located to the top right of the main game screen. When this is clicked the game will enter full-screen mode. Note that this mode can offer increased performance on certain devices.

  • Spin

The button used to spin.


Also on offer from The Epic Journey is the autoplay function. This is accessed by clicking on the auto button on the lower left of the main game screen. While in this section the player can select the total amount of spins to play out from a drop-down box. The player can also set a loss limit via another drop-down box.

Additionally, the player can click the more autoplay settings button to reveal a set of more advanced rules. This gives the player the ability to stop if a single win exceeds a selected amount, if a single jackpot is won, or when a bonus feature is won.


What we call the Persian Empire was in fact a collection of imperial dynasties which were centred around what we now call Iran. This was one of the longest lasting empires in history. Generally this was thought to have started around 550 BC with the Achaemenid Empire, and was ended around 1979 with the Pahlavi dynasty.

It was within this empire that many important components of our modern society originated. Included in this are early methods of refrigeration. This is especially important because it was within ancient Persia that the basics of distilling alcohol were discovered. Ever tried keeping beer in the sun? Yeah, those Persians were far ahead of their time.

In fact, ancient Persia was known to be an enormous and intellectual culture, with a heavy emphasis on mathematics and learning in general. Alexander the Great even took it upon himself to burn down vast libraries in Persia, destroying much of their ancient knowledge and establishing himself as a bit of a knob.


Other Features and Bonuses

Persian Fortune comes with the falling reels feature and the chain reaction feature. With the falling reels feature any symbols which create a winning combination when the reels have come to a rest disappear from the reels. Following this, more symbols will drop in from above, taking the empty spaces. This process will continue until no more wins are possible. For each consecutive drop the chain reaction feature will increase. This is a multiplier which starts at 1x and increases to 2x,3x,5x,6x and finally 8x at maximum.


With the mega feature any symbol may land as a 2×2 or 3×3 symbol, making it easier to create winning combinations.

The magic wild feature also can be randomly activated within the main game. When this occurs a random symbol will be highlighted with a magical frame effect. If this highlighted symbol then becomes part of a win it will transform into a new wild somewhere randomly on the reels during the next spin.

Persian Fortune wild symbol

The wild symbol in Persian Fortune comes in the form of the above Persian woman icon. This can appear on any reel. It can also substitute for any symbol except the bonus symbol.

Persian Fortune bonus symbol

The bonus symbol in this game comes in the form of the above jewelled treasure chest. When at least three of these appear in a single spin the player is given access to the magic carpet bonus game.

Bonus Games


The magic carpet bonus game is accessed when the player gains a minimum of 3 bonus symbols in a single spin. These do not need to appear on the same or an active payline in order to generate a win. When these are gathered the player will be brought to a screen with 3 magic carpets. Here the player must click on one which will randomly reveal one of three different pick amounts for the next stage of the game.

Persian Fortune gems

Once within this next stage of the game the player will be greeted by two rows of 7 cards, as seen above. They will have the amount of uncovered clicks to flip these cards. Each of these cards hides behind it a coloured gem. Once collected these gems will fill an empty spot at the top of the game page. As soon as all three of one of these gem colours is found the game will end, and the player will be given a payout equal to their bet multiplied by the gem amount.

How to Play:

Basic play for Persian Fortune is as simple as a player selecting a betting amount and clicking spin.

Alternatively the player can click on the autoplay button toward the bottom right of the main game page in order to enter the autoplay section. When in this section the player can set an amount of spins to played out automatically. They can also set ending rules which can be used to stop these free spins.

Overall Design and Usability:

The design of Persian Fortune is one with a heavy focus on the colour and wealth of the heights of the Persian Empire. This means plenty of bright coloured symbols, set against the deep blue of the dark Persian night. While we are usually a big fan of the more colourful pokies out there, Persian Fortune does appear to clash slightly more often than not. That is not to say the look is poor or of low quality, it is neither, but it doesn't quite work as well as it could. This is a little disappointing as other games from Red Tiger have shown us that they can do colour very well.

When it comes to usability, Persian Fortune is a game which does exactly like most Red Tiger games – mostly very well. The game itself here is fast and responsive, with no issues arising at all with reliability arising in our testing procedure. The only areas where this game might be considered lacking is through its lack of graphics options, and its less than entirely helpful help section. The graphics options may prove to be a problem because players on older or less powerful devices might have trouble running the game properly without them. The help section suffers from the same problem many Red Tiger games do, in that it doesn't actually list how the entirely of the game's bonus structure works. No need to worry, however, we already figured this out for our readers.

Where to find it:

Red Tiger may not be as common as the big boys in the business, but they still do very well. Check out the following links for website reviews which offer games from the Red Tiger framework. From here you can decide which casino works for you, and you can jump right in!


A game which lands somewhere in the middle of the well produced pack. Persian Fortune is a pokie which does well, but does no excel in any one area. A player's appreciation of this pokie will likely come down to their personal taste and enjoyment of the theme, as it does little else that could be considered unique. Certainly not a bad pokie, by any means, and one which we could happily recommend to fans of colourful games, just don't go in expecting this to be one of those pokies which becomes a mainstay in your playing sessions.

3.9/5 Stars

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