Pure Platinum

Pure Platinum

Pure Platinum Basic information:

Pure Platinum, not as glorious as gold nor as sterling as silver but not without its own charm and brilliance.

Created by the talented folks responsible for the Microgaming gaming software, one of the most popular and powerful gambling software systems ever developed, Pure Platinum is a vivid and gleaming pokie released in May of 2009. Pure Platinum is game with an obvious dedication to the glitz and glory of wealth and treasure, with a design that evokes jewels and polished chrome. This is a very sharp game, with graphics that would not look out of place in casino of the future.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.

Pure Platinum

Pure Platinum offers a grand total of 20 paylines, available over a total of 5 reels. On offer, apart from the regular symbols, are a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol, a free bonus game and a Gamble feature. The minimum bet which needs to be met by Pure Platinum sits at 1 coin per line, while the maximum caps out at 10 per line. The minimum coin size of Pure Platinum sits at 0.01, which the maximum caps out at 0.5 The RTP offered by Pure Platinum sits at 96.5%.

In terms of options Pure Platinum gives the players a quickspin option as well as the ability to switch off all sounds, or individually choose game sounds, win sounds, or background sounds. They also offer the ability to switch the value display between coins or credits.

Pure Platinum also includes a stats button, which lets the player know their total spins results as well as their highest three spins. These stats do not persist, however, and are only generated for the current game session.

Also offered on the game itself is question mark icon which, when clicked, leads the user to a help page to answer any basic game related questions that the user might have.


Pure Platinum comes with two obvious inspirations, there are the glamorous casino and the element of platinum.

Winning huge from casinos comes from the idea of wealth, which is represented by shiny jewels, shiny cars, shiny watches and shiny, well, everything. If this were a machine that existed in real life it would no doubt be utterly blinding, given the sheer amount of twinkly little graphics contained within.

Why was platinum chosen? Well, it’s a precious metal for a start. This means that it exists only in rare quantities and holds high economic value. In addition to this platinum is well known for its resistance to corrosion and non-reactivity. In basic terms – this is a metal that is worth a lot, is nice to look at and will stay that way for a long while.

This is why, in the simplest possible terms, it was chosen as theme for a pokie game. Not the greatest backstory, nor the deepest inspiration but it works. This is a game that looks great, at least for those interested in such gloss.

Other Features and Bonuses

Pure Platinum has no sort of progressive jackpot system, but this is easily countered by the generous RTP on offer.

What Pure Platinum does offer is a wildcard, which comes in the form of a Pure Platinum icon. This icon does not substitute for the scatter symbol, but can stack on itself to create a wild symbol stack. 3 of these stack to give 100, 4 stack to give 500 and 5 stack to give a bonus of 1000. It is also possible for the wild symbol to create its own winning combination in the event where multiples of the wild symbol occur on the same enabled payline. The wild symbol can occur in both the base game and within the free spins bonus game. In the event that the wild appears on multiple paylines at once only the payline with the highest win will be counted.

The scatter symbol for Pure Platinum comes in the form of what appears to be a hard drive or some other disk system that has been lowered into mercury or perhaps liquefied platinum. It’s actually not very clear what this symbol is supposed to represent, though that is really of little importance. The scatter symbol does not need to occur on an enabled payline in order for a win to occur. When a scatter win does occur it is displayed as a multiplier value. 2 of these give a 1x bonus on the total bet, 3 scatter icons give a 3x bonus on the total bet, 4 icons give a 20x bonus on the total bet and 5 scatter icons give a massive 100x bonus on the total bet. How much a scatter win pays out depends on the quantity of a players total bet. In order to qualify for the free spins bonus game 3, 4 or 5 scatter icons must appear on a single bet.

During the free spins game the player is able to select 50 free spins at a 1x multiplier, 25 free spins at a 2x multiplier or 10 free spins at a 5x multiplier.

The gamble feature of this game is enabled after a win, though this is not available if your win exceeds the gamble activation limit, a limit which does appear to be listed. When a regular win occurs the player can choose to either play or skip over the gamble feature. If they choose to play then the player is given two different modes of multiplying their winnings. They can choose a card color, with a correct guess doubling their winnings, or they can choose a suit, with a correct guess quadrupling their winnings.

How to Play:

This is a simple game to figure out and play. First the user must select the number of paylines that they want to play, then they place the amount of coins which they want to bet, as well as the coin size.

Pure Platinum also offers an expert button, which allows for further customization of the bet for the experienced player. This can allow the user to set at total number of spins which the game will go through automatically, and stop settings which allow the user to stop when all auto-spins are complete or when the total amount won meets or exceeds a custom amount.

When a winning combination comes about the game will automatically highlight this on the reels and the total payout amount will be displayed in the win box followed by an opening of the gambling feature offer, if there is no winning combination then you the game kicks straight back to its base state for the player to start again.

 Overall Design and Usability:

How well the design resonates for you really comes down to how much you appreciate the whole polished platinum and shiny jewel aesthetic. If you are the type of person who likes the reminder of glitz and glamour then you might feel right at home, whereas if you find this type of display more ostentatious and obnoxious then it might be worth a skip over. This is a modern and well-designed pokie game, of that there is no doubt, if you will like it or not really comes down to just a matter of taste.

At the very least the bonuses on offer as well as the gamble feature add another layer of interest and complexity to what could otherwise become another standard and unimaginative creation. The included graphics displaying the different payouts, bonus offers and line routes are also very easy to understand and clearly labeled, so in this regard Pure Platinum is quite user friendly. The auto-bet and spin features also cover the basics well, so they deserve some points here.

Where to find it:

As is common with websites that utilize the Microgaming software platform, Pure Platinum is available on a great many sites. If the site or sites you use employ the use of this software system then do a quick search, it could very well already be on offer.

If you want a more specific list then you can check out some of the following sites:

In far there are far too many sites available to reasonably list, so if none of these or the sites which you already use strike your fancy then try a simple Google search, you won’t be lacking for results.


Solid, if divisive design, fun to play and reliable, this is definitely a game which ticks all of the boxes. Your personal enjoyment will come down to your appreciation of the aesthetic, though there is no denying the bonuses and gambling feature of their quality. Somewhat let down by its small maximum coin size. If you’re on the fence then check this one out for sure, you might be surprised by how much you like it.

4.2/5 Stars

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