Sic Bo General Information

What is Sic bo?

Also known by the names tai sai and dai siu, sic bo is a popular games which utilises three dice. While most popular in Asia, sic bo is still an immensely popular game in the west, and is a regular sight in both live and online gambling.

The general game revolves around betting on a certain outcome on a single roll of three dice.

Basic Rules for Sic bo

Sic bo Layout

A standard sic bo wagering board.

Betting on sic bo comes down to placing bets on a table similar the one shown above. A player can place more than one bet at a time, if they wish.

Winning Combinations and Possible Bets

Some of these betting combinations will depend on the casino and sub-type of sic bo.

  • Small

A small bet includes a bet that the total score of the three dice will be somewhere in the range of 4 to 10, inclusive, though you should note that this does not include a triple.

  • Big

A big bet includes a bet that the total score will be somewhere in the range of 11 to 17 inclusive, As with small, this does not include a triple.

  • Any Triple

This bet requires all three of the dice to land with the same score.

  • Specific Triple

This bet requires the player to select a specific triple for all three dice to land on.

  • Specific Double

This bet requires that the number selected by the player show up on at least 2 of the three dice rolled.

  • Two Dice Combination

This bet requires the player to predict the value of 2 of the 3 dice next rolled. For example a two dice combination placed on 4 and 5 would play out if the three dice came out at 1,4 and 5.

  • Odd

This bet requires that the total score end up as an odd number, though this excludes triples.

  • Even

This bet requires that the total score ends up as an even number. This excludes triples.

  • Three Dice Total

This bet requires that the player correctly guess the total value of all three dice. For example guessing 15 and having the dice come up 6,4 and 5 would count as a win.

  • Single Dice Bet

This bet requires the player to correctly choose a number which shows up on 1, 2 or all 3 dice.

  • Three Single Number Combination

This bet requires the player correctly guess the landing position of all  three different numbers.

  • Specific Double and Single Number Combination

This bet requires the player to correct bet on both a specific double and a specific other number.

Important Sic Bo Information

Sic bo is one of those games which appears to be much more complicated than it actually is. Once you learn the basic rules you can quickly refer to the board for payout and wagering information to keep things running smoothly.

House edge for sic bo runs from 16.2% to 30.09% which changes depending on the type of bet which has been wagered.

History of sic bo

We don't know much about how sic bo originated, due to its extreme age. What we do know is that it originated from China, and is quite possibly thousands of years old.

The name, sic bo, also directly translates to ‘Dice Pair', which leads historians to believe that the game originally was played with two dice rather than the modern three.

Sic bo is thought to have first come to the west during the the 19th century during the building of the transcontinental railroad. During this time many of the workers were Chinese immigrants and it is thought that it was these immigrants who began the popularisation of sic bo in the west.

The final stages of its popularisation started in the 1990's. During this time China saw an era of incredible economic growth. This growth and newfound wealth brought many Chinese businessmen and women to tour the world and visit many popular destinations. One of these destinations was Las Vegas which is where the game was more heavily adopted to appeal to the new Chinese visitors.

Over time it became evident that sic bo was not just a game that appealed to the east as many players of the west came to appreciate its fun and charm. Ever since then it has continued its march, becoming one of the most popular games both in live casinos and online.

Popular Variants

There are popular variants of the game which have a basis in English and American casinos.

Grand Hazard is a version where the dice are thrown in a cup or allowed to tumble down a chute while the general other rules for this version remain much the same,

Chuck-a-luck, the American version is derived from Grand Hazard. The dice in chuck-a-luck are kept in a wire cage, which is rotated. When the rotation is stopped and the dice settle the score is tallied.  This version is also different in that is usually only allows single-number wagers, with some versions also offering the any triples bet. Chuck-a-luck is also known by the names Sweat Cloth, Birdcage and Chuckerluck.

Where to Play

Sic bo is an incredibly popular game, so if you already have a favourite online casino then take a look around, you might find it's already on offer. For a list of just a few of the sites which offer sic bo for play then check out the list below.

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