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Tarzan Basic information:

Tarzan, king of the jungle. There’s a lot of gold in the jungle, apparently. How did this come about? No idea, but who knows, maybe the jungle hides the treasures of long forgotten civilisations, or maybe the wildlife have been stealing from the locals.

Created by the talented folks responsible for the Microgaming gaming software, one of the most popular and powerful gambling software systems ever developed, Tarzan is a cartoony and vivid pokie game released in December of 2016. This game was released to coincide with the release of the new Tarzan movie. Despite the new film being live action this slot game decided to stick with an animated layout and theme. This is probably because it is far simpler to do this than work with a live theme. This also avoids issues with have the rights to the actor’s likenesses. It seems unlikely that Tarzan played slot games, though if he did this would undoubtedly be the one which appealed the most to him.

As is standard with games offered by the Microgaming software system, this game is available for play on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems, such is the versatility on offer.

Tarzan Slot Game


Tarzan offers a grand total of 40 paylines, available over a total of 5 reels. The minimum bet which needs to be met by Tarzan sits at 1 coin per line, while the maximum caps out at 10 per line. Tarzan offers a minimum coin size of 0.01, while the maximum coins size sits at 0.1. The return to player offered by Tarzan sits at around 96.5%


In terms of options, this game covers all the basics which you would expect from the options tab. This is accessed by pressing the green up arrow on the bottom right corner of the game. Users have the ability to operate a volume slider to turn down or mute the noise from the game. Tarzan also comes with the option to toggle off individual sounds, these include game sounds, win sounds and background sounds.

Also on offer are three different graphical settings of Basic, Standard and Enhanced. These allow a greater range of devices to experience the game without suffering performance issues. There is also a quickspin button in the options menu, which speeds up the spinning of the slots to cut down on wasted time.

Additional options are found by clicking the up arrows under the credits, bets and win buttons. Auto-play options can also be found by simply clicking on the autoplay button. The credits options allow the user to switch between displaying in coins, credits or coins and credits. The bet options allow the user to change their coin size and total coins wagered in addition to a max bet button. Win options show the top 5 winners as well as recent winners. This can be displayed in both coins and credits.

Other Helpful Additions

The autoplay button give the player access to 10x, 25x, 50x and 100x quickspin options. The user can also choose to keep spinning until the stop button is clicked, or they can click custom to set further rules. These further rules allow the player to enter a custom amount of spins to complete and choose between two spin-end settings. The first of these settings allows the player to stop when all spins are complete. The second allows the spins to stop when wins equal or exceed a certain amount.

Also offered on the game itself is question mark icon which, when clicked, leads the user to a help page to answer any tech or other questions that the user might have. An additional tab to the right side of the game lets the player check payouts and combinations information.

Finally, Tarzan offers a statistics button which, when clicked, allows the player to see a variety of helpful information.

This includes highest wins, spins player, spins per hour and session time. Note that these stats do not persist through sessions.


Tarzan, king of the jungle, also known as Tarzan of the Apes, is a fictional character created in 1912 by Edgar Rice. This is a character who was orphaned as a child and subsequently adopted by the apes of the jungle. Tarzan, his adopted ape name, spent his youth among the apes, learning from them as best a human could.

Later in his life he met Jane Porter, who became marooned in the jungle much as young Tarzan did. Tarzan and Jane grew close, despite Tarzan presumably not knowing the basics of hygiene. Once Jane inevitably left to return home she was followed by Tarzan. Eventually the two were reunited, falling in love and getting married. Sometime after having a son the pair returned to the jungle, where they remained on their further adventures.

While the stories of Tarzan have been around for over  century most are familiar with either the early live movies or the later Disney films.

The latest of these films, The Legend of Tarzan was released in 2016. While it received only moderate reviews the film was a financial success. Capitalising on this film was also the inspiration for this pokie.

Other Features and Bonuses

The Tarzan Wild symbol

The wild symbol in this game comes in the form of Tarzan text raised in front of a gold border.

  • 3 of these give a bonus of 4.5
  • 4 give a bonus of 12
  • 5 give a bonus of 40.

These can substitute for any icon except the scatter symbol.

The Tarzan scatter symbol

The scatter symbol appears to be some sort of colourful roulette wheel with the word BONUS printed on top. This acts as a multiplier and does not need to appear on an activated payline in order to payout.

  • 2 scatter icons act as a 2x multiplier
  • 3 scatter icons act as a 2x multiplier
  • 4 scatter icons act as a 20x multiplier
  • 5 scatter icons act as a 200x multiplier

Gaining 3 or more scatter symbols on one spin starts the Bonus Wheel bonus game.

In this game a the bonus wheel is spun, with each segment giving a different prize. These prizes are separated into four different sections.

  • Bet Value Multiplier multiples the activated bet amount by the multiplier.
  • Jackpot win amount automatically pays out the jackpot.
  • Free spins activates the free-spins bonus game. This can also stack wilds up to 15x with the Growing Wilds feature.
  • Pick-A-Potamus begins the Pick-A-Potamus bonus game.

While the other three are self explanatory, the Pick-A-Potamus game requires further explanation. In this game the player simply clicks on different symbols to reveal randoms bonus win amounts. This game ends immediately when a Pop symbol is revealed.

How to Play:

In order to play Tarzan you need only keep in mind a few buttons for simple play. First the player must select their coin size and total amount of coins they wish to wager from the bet tab. This can also be simplified into bet or max bet. After this they simply click spin.

For further customisation and expert play the user clicks on the autoplay button. From here they can choose a 10x, 25x, 50x or 100x auto spin. They can also choose to spin until the stop buttons is clicked or click the custom button for further options. These options allow a custom amount of spins and specific stopping criteria.

Overall Design and Usability:

Tarzan's design exudes both simplicity and usability. The cartoonish graphics, while not for everyone, are extremely well suited to the theme and do a great job of illustrating what most of us think of as Tarzan.  The symbols include wild animals, fruit, Jane and Tarzan himself. The background graphics are slightly animated, with Tarzan keeping a close eye on the slots while the sun shines through the branches of the forest canopy. Tarzan, impressively 3d modelled, will occasionally move around to celebrate your victories.

In terms of usability Tarzan performs quite well. While the player is unable to select and paylines they can quite simply modify the rest of their betting and quickspin options. The ability to change the graphics settings is also a welcome addition. While the enhanced settings obviously look the best, the basic settings allow lower end computers to run the game much better than they would ordinarily be able, and only cuts down a few components of the animation system. Being able to run a new game on an older system is always a big plus for me, so I'm a big fan of this, and I'm sure many others will be too.

Where to find it:

As is common with websites that utilise the Microgaming software platform, Tarzan is available on a great many sites. If the site or sites you use employ the use of this software system then do a quick search, it could very well already be on offer. This game is so popular at the time of writing that it is often located within the featured games section, so check that out first.

If you want a more specific list then you can check out some of the following sites:


A great new game from Microgaming. Fun to play, easy to figure out and with a great selection of options. Nice graphics and the ability to change the settings to get it working on older computers doesn't hurt either! Without the ability to select paylines this game might not appeal to everyone, but for those who don't mind we would definitely suggest checking this one out.

4.4/5 Stars

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