Warlords: Crystals of Power

The play screen for Warlords: Crystals of Power

Warlords: Crystals of Power Basic information:

Warlords: Crystals of Power has such an evocative name that you might expect it to be full fledged video-game rather than a pokie. The game itself does nothing but impress, being one of the highest quality productions available.

Warlords was created by the gifted designers and programmers responsible for the NetEnt software system, a system powerful enough to stand among the giants of online gambling. Warlords: Crystals of Power is a brilliant and striking pokie game based around warriors and adventure. This is one of the most visually impressive and immersive games available. A lot of care has gone into this game, and it shows.

As is standard with the NetEnt software system, this game is available on all the major platforms. This includes PC, Mac, mobile and tablet systems. That said this is a comparatively taxing game, so you'll need a strong device to run it perfectly. Make no mistake, this is a game which deserves to be run perfectly.

General Options and Play

Warlords: Crystals of Power offers a grand total of 30 paylines across a total of 5 reels. These reels are set in a layout of 5×3. The minimum bet which needs to be met by Warlords sits at 1 coin per line, while the maximum caps out at 10 per line. It offers a minimum coin size of 0.01, while the maximum coins size sits at 1.0. The RTP offered by Stash of the Titans sits at 96.8%.

In terms of options, Warlords gives the player the ability to quickspin as well as an autoplay button and a max bet button. The user can also switch off all sound and enter a configuration menu. This menu lets the player disable the quickspin option, into screen, intro movie and also allow the spacebar to spin the reels.

The information and question mark buttons, when clicked, bring up pages which shows the player all of the different winning combinations, bonus games, symbol payouts, and a whole host of other useful information.

The play screen for Warlords: Crystals of Power

The play screen for Warlords: Crystals of Power.


This is a game with a focus on a cold, harsh environment and the warriors and beasts that reside within. The theme of the game takes obvious direct inspiration from samurai and Nordic warriors. In addition the female warriors seem to have been taken from contemporary media, especially those relating to magic and archery.

The story for the game states that it takes place in a time where rulers would go out to conquer land and gain riches. What followed were years of brutal combat, with only the barbarian, priestess and samurai left standing. Now the three face off against each-other in an attempt to steal away the last of the wealth and victory for themselves.

Other Features and Bonuses

Warlords: Crystals of Power does not offer a progressive jackpot system, though it does come with one of the more generous RTPs. It also does not give the player the option to choose their paylines, all 30 are automatically selected.

The wild symbol in Warlords comes in the form of three gems of green, blue and red, all contained within a golden border. 3 of these wild symbols give a bonus of 15 to the player. 4 of these give a bonus of 60, while 5 give the maximum of 300. This symbol can be substituted for any symbol except the scatter.

This game also offers what it calls a random overlay wild system. This can be randomly activated with every spin performed and comes in three forms. Three barbarian form adds wilds in the shape of a 2×2 square. The priestess form adds 2-5 wild symbols randomly over all reels, whereas the samurai version adds 2-5 wild symbols over reels 1-4. The payout for these is the single highest from all of the possible combinations from a single spin.

Scatters and Battle

Warlord: Crystals of Power comes with three different forms of scatter symbols, one each representing each different character. The blue scatter starts the barbarian free spins, the green starts the priestess' and the red starts the samurai's. Achieving two of these scatter symbols in a spin triggers a re-spin where the scatter symbols are kept in place and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels can spin again for more scatters, provided they don't have scatters already. If three scatter symbols come up then a bonus is awarded based on the scatter colours.

In the case that the scatter symbols are of different colours a battle begins. If there is one scatter symbol of each colour the end result is all scatters randomly ending up the same colour. In the case that one colour of scatter outnumbers the others then this colour will have a greater chance winning the battle.

3 barbarian scatters give a bonus of 9 free spins. 3 priestess scatters give 7 free spins and a +1 multiplier. The samurai scatter gives five free spins and additional wild symbols.

Final Chance

In the case that the player gathers 2 scatter symbols but does gain a third in the re-spin game then the final chance begins. In this a boulder will hit one of the reels without a scatter symbol. This can result in either a bonus coin or an additional scatter symbol.

How to Play:

Playing Warlord: Crystals of Power can be simple of complicated, depending on the player's preference.

For simple play the user need only select their level, which changes the total bet, and their coin value. After this simply click the spin button in the centre bottom of the page. There is also a max bet button here for those who feel lucky.

For autoplay the player must click on the autoplay button. This brings up the the options for a player to select the number of spins which they would like from a list. These are 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 spins. The player can also click on the advanced settings button on this page to give further options.

These further options allow the player to dictate when the spins can automatically stop before they hit the spin limit. These options are:

  • On any win
  • When re-spins are won
  • If barbarian free spins are won
  • When priestess free spins are won
  • If samurai free spins are won
  • When a single win exceed an entered amount
  • If the player's total cash increases by an entered amount
  • When the player's total cash decreases by an entered amount.

Re-spins and free spins are generated per the rules which are listed in the other features and bonuses section above.

 Overall Design and Usability:

Of the many games which we have reviewed, Warlords: Crystals of Power stands among the best. This is a modern game which has been created by those with great passion and insight into pokies. The graphics, both static and animated, are fantastically designed and are all well suited to the theme. This quality is shared by the music and sound effects.

Warlords: Crystals of Power even has a full-motion animated intro video which is of higher quality than many full fledged animated movies. The graphics designers here are at the top of their game.

In terms of usability, Warlords runs the gambit from simple as you would like to as complicated as you would expect. If you're into the game for a quick play without any nonsense then you can jump right in. If you prefer to be able to customise your autoplay then Warlords offers options amongst the best.

It should be noted that since this is a modern and graphics heavy game it might not run well with older or under-powered machines. In any case it won't take long to check whether it works right for you, so give it a go.

Where to find it:

To find this game you should check out the gambling websites which offer the NetEnt software system. While not quite as common as the Microgaming system it is still quite popular. So, if you already have a favourite site then check out what software is supported, it might already be on offer. If it's not, or you want a more direct list then check out our list below.


One of the best pokie games on the market. Fun, easy for beginners and complicated enough for experts while being striking and animated, this game has it all. If you like a colourful pokie which reaches high then check this one out.

4.7/5 Stars.

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