Well of Wonders

Well of Wonders Main Game Screen

Well of Wonders Basic Information:

There are many places on this earth which hold great treasures. From the hidden ruins of old civilisations to the sunken gold of long forgotten ships, the world is filled with hidden wealth. Of course, for most of us this sort of adventuring is a little beyond our means, so what can we do to find a more local source of cash? Well,we could check the Well of Wonders. With the a name like that there has to be something good inside, right? Is this really worth a look, or is this well turning stagnant? Read our review to find out…

This pokie was created by the developers at ThunderKick. Based out of Sweden, Thunderkick are one of the newcomers to the world of online gambling. Starting in 2012, Thunderkick have made it their goal to create games which enhance the the overall player experience of online casinos.These developers claim a focus on quantity, and claim they easily have the skill and vision to match their goals. This game was released on the 2nd of March, 2017.

The ThunderKick system is compatible with a great many devices which are capable of running Flash. This means most PCs, Apple computers and tablets, along with a variety of other mobile devices. Check if your device supports flash, if it does you should be able to run games from ThunderKick.

Well of Wonders Main Game Screen

Well of Wonders comes with a total of 35 paylines over 5 reels in a 7*1 formation

  • The minimum coins bet are 0.10
  • The maximum coins bet are 100.00
  • Minimum coin size is static.
  • Maximum coins size is static.
  • The return to player offered by this game is 96.1%, which is around average.


Well of Wonders is typical of a ThunderKick game in that it does not offer a separate options screen. Instead, nearly everything within this game can be done from the main game screen. The different buttons and their purposes on this screen are as follows:

  • Sound

When toggled this option simply turns on or mutes all game sound.

  • Information

This option is the 3×3 dot formation button which is located on the lower left of the main game screen. Clicking on this brings up a tab with a cup and a page symbol. Clicking the page will bring the player to a simple list of game rules. By clicking on the cup players will enter a page which details the different symbols, paylines and bonuses.

  • Bet

Clicking on this button brings up a screen where the player can select their bet from a list of 14 different amounts. This is also accomplished by clicking on the ‘1' chip on the play bar.

  • Spin

The button used to spin.

Also on offer from The Epic Journey is the autoplay function. This is accessed by clicking on the smaller spin button the left of the main spin button. When this is clicked the player will be brought to a new screen. On this screen the player is able to select from 10 different autospin quantities. The player can also toggle an option which, when active, stops the autoplays when a feature is won.


Well of Wonder does not appear to have any sort of preexisting backstory. From what we can tell it appears to be some sort of well, one which potentially offers great wonders within.

Other Features and Bonuses

The dropping symbols feature in Well of Wonders is constantly active. With this feature any matches are removed from the reels. Following this, additional symbols will fall from above, potentially creating new matches. This process will repeat until there are no longer winning combinations available.

The  multiplier feature also remains active through the entire game. With this feature each symbol drop, via the above feature, will increase the score multiplier. This begins at 1x and will increase through 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x.

Well of Wonders Wild

The wild symbol in Well of Wonders comes in the form of the above W icon. These can appear over all reels and can substitute for any symbol.

Well of Wonders Fairy

The above fairy symbol can appear on any spin. When this is present and there is no win on that spin the fairy is activated. When this activates all symbols that appear in singular will disappear, giving the player a respin and a multiplier increase.

Bonus Games

There really aren't any bonus games to speak of on offer by Well of Wonders. Instead, the only sort of respins which players can gain within this game are tied to the above features.

How to Play:

Basic play for Well of Wonders is as simple as a player selecting a betting amount and clicking spin.

Alternatively the player can click on the autoplay button toward the bottom right of the main game page in order to enter the autoplay section. When in this section the player can set an amount of spins to played out automatically. They can also set ending rule which can be used to stop these free spins.

Overall Design and Usability:

Another Thunderkick game which revolves around the idea of simplicity. The game here has been created as one which is quick and fun, and the look of the game reflects this. The general look here is one of the eponymous well, placed in the middle of a verdant green forest. Aside from this, we have the floating coloured gems and background fireflies to leave a look which is both attractive and clean. This quality also extends to the animations, all of which are of the highest quality. When Thunderkick try they really try, and this game is a great example of this, at least in terms of looks.

Let's start with the good – the speed and reliability in this game were absolutely perfect during our testing process. Everything responds well, and as it should. Issues in usability come from the lack of options. While this game does cover a lot of the basics it does not cover them especially well. This creates a situation where older or more experienced players might not be able to pull themselves back to this level of simplicity. Nowhere is this more evident that in the lack of graphical options. As these can be such a huge help to players on older and less powerful hardware these are sorely missed.

Where to find it:

ThunderKick may not be as common as the big boys in the business, but they still do very well. Check out the following links for website reviews which offer games from the ThunderKick framework. From here you can decide which casino works for you, and you can jump right in!


A great looking pokie, but one which is ultimately quite shallow. This is a pokie with only a minimal bonus structure, though this is somewhat alleviated by the moderate RTP. This is not a game which we could see as a great fit for many players, unless you fit a few criteria. If you are the type of player who wants something basic and simple to play then we can easily recommend this game. If, however, you are the type of player who demands more from their pokie games then this one might be worth a miss. It's not that this is a bad game, far from it, it is more that there really isn't much there.

3.4/5 Stars

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